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kybella vs coolmini

The age of selfies is here and may of us are seeing a second chin!  Double chins can occur for many reasons including being overweight, loose skin with aging and genetics.  Whatever the cause, double chins are unsightly and can make you look older and tired.  The good thing is that there are now many possible treatments to lose double chins.

Double Chin Exercises

There are some easy to do exercises to tighten the chin and neck muscles.  They are designed to tone the muscles of the face, jaw, chin and neck.  They include the chin lift, neck roll, jaw release and platysma exercise.  They may help or they may not but they are free!


Introduced in 2015, Kybella consists of s series of small injections into the chin and neck area.  This FDA approved, non-surgical treatment is easily administered in the office.  Kybella consists of deoxycholic acid, which naturally occurs in the body and aids in the digestion of fats.  When injected into the fat cells of a double chin, the Kybella causes the fat cells to dissolve. It usually takes 12-20 painless injections per visit.  Results can be seen in 4-6 weeks and 2-6 treatment sessions spaced one month apart may be required to see optimal results.  Swelling and redness is a common side effect of Kybella.


Another new entrant in the double chin treatment market is CoolMini.  CoolMini is a specialized applicator of the non-invasive fat reduction procedure, Coolsculpting.  The CoolMini applicator grabs the fat under the chin and freezes it for one hour in a controlled fashion.  Over the next several months, up to 25% of the fat cells will die.  83% of patients were satisfied with their results after 1-2 treatments.

Kybella Vs CoolMini

These 2 non-surgical FDA approved procedures both offer satisfaction rates in the 80% range.  They both offer simple, in-office treatments with little pain, risk or downtime.  Kybella does appear to produce redness, swelling and soreness in some patients after the injections.  CoolMini has a lower incidence of post procedure side effects.  So when it comes down to deciding about Kybella vs Coolmini, you have to look at several factors.  Do you just not like needles?  What happens if you have prolonged swelling?  How many times do you have to repeat the procedure and how much does each cost?  The great thing is that both work and you will see results no matter which you choose.

SmartLipo Chin

Kybella and CoolMini can do a great job reducing fat under the chin.  However, they require several treatment sessions and cannot tighten loose skin.  Smartlipo of the chin offers a safe and effective procedure that is easily performed under local anesthesia while awake.  A laser is used to melt the chin fat which is then easily suctioned away.  The heat produced by the laser also stimulates skin tightening.  Even better, the surgeon can expertly sculpt the chin and neck and even reduce jowls.  So compared to the non-surgical treatments, Smartlipo offers better results after one procedure, produces skin tightening and offers sculpting of the chin and neck.  Downtime after smartlipo of the chin is minimal with several days of swelling requiring massage and a chin wrap and occasional bruising.

If you are considering getting rid of your double chin, the best first step is a free consultation at Beleza Medspa to decide which procedure is best for you.


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