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Fat Transfer Cost

breast fat transferInterested in fat transfer but worried about the cost?

The great thing is that most of the cost of fat transfer is already built into our liposuction under tumescent anesthesia.  The fat transfer cost is just an add on to the liposuction cost.

So why does fat transfer cost more than regular liposuction?

The main reason is time.  The procedure takes longer and this is why the fat transfer cost is higher.  A fat transfer can add 30-45 minutes to the usual liposuction procedure.  The other reason is that the fat requires special handling for fat transfer.  The fat must be collected in a sterile container to be reused and then there are extra consumables and instruments required to inject the fat.

Is the fat transfer cost worth it?

Absolutely!  Smartlipo Liposuction can do wonders to sculpt and contour your body.  However, this just involves removal of fat.  There are some body areas that require more volume, not less. Fat transfer is the perfect complement to body sculpting with liposuction. The fat we used to throw away is the perfect natural filler!  Instead of paying for expensive plastic implants, you can utilize your own fat to add volume to your buttocks, breasts and face.  Fat transfer will give you better results and save you money over implants and fillers.

What does the fat transfer cost include?

When added to a liposuction procedure, the fat transfer cost will include all anesthesia, body contouring and injection of the fat to another body area.  Your quote will include everything you need for a successful procedure.

How do I find out about my fat transfer cost?

Easy!  Make a free consultation to get a personalized quote for your needs.  Everybody is different and we will tailor you fat transfer cost to your body type and amount of work required.



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