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Fat Transfer

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With a fat transfer (also known as fat transplant or fat grafting) procedure, you can remove unwanted fat from one area of your body and use that fat to add volume to another body area!

Most of us have some extra fat tucked into some part of our bodies that we would rather not have. Many of us wish at the same time that some other of part of our body was a little fuller and younger looking.  If this is your situation too, then you may want to opt for a fat transfer procedure.

Fat transfers are great for:

  • Fat transfer face for removing facial wrinkles and restoring facial volume
  • giving fuller upper and lower lips
  • fat transfer breast for natural breast augmentation
  • buttocks fat transfer for butt augmentation (Brazilian Butt Lift)
  • reducing the appearance of deep scars

One of the main reasons why fat injections are so popular is because they usually provide a more lasting results over other fillers. And because the fat is used from your body, it easily adapts to your tissues to create a natural-looking appearance. There is very little discomfort, pain or side effects from the procedure, and the treatment is typically administered under mild sedation.

A Fat Transfer Procedure Can Give You An Appearance You Can Be Proud Of!*

Client Testimonial – “I had fat transfer done about 2 months ago and it has changed my life. Its been along time since I’ve worn a medium shirt…LOL. Dr Broder and his staff are very professional and made sure each step in my procedure before, during and after I was taken care of.  Now my wife is about to the get the same procedure and she is very excited.  So if your ready to change your life and feel great again, I highly recommend Beleza.  They WILL change your life for the better…Good Luck!(actual results vary from patient to patient)Read more testimonials here.

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What is Fat Transfer?

Fat transfer is the process of taking fat cells from one area of the body and implanting them in another to create a new look. Either as a standalone procedure or in addition to regular SmartLipo laser liposuction, fat can be easily harvested under local anesthesia. The fat is then carefully loaded into sterile syringes and injected into the desired area.

What can Fat Transfer do?

Fat transfer can help smooth out wrinkles or give almost any area of your body the volume that you’ve been looking for. Common areas to have fat transferred to include the face, breasts and buttocks. Facial fat transfer coupled with laser resurfacing can easily take 10 years off your appearance. Cheeks, brows and temples can be refilled to levels of youth. Breasts commonly can be augmented a full cup size without the use of transplants. Buttocks can be increased in size and coupled with liposcultping, so a ‘Brazilian’ appearance can be obtained. The combination of liposuction of the lower back and enhancement of the buttocks gives the appearance of a buttocks lift!

How does fat transfer work?

Under local anesthesia, fat is harvested from an area where you have extra! The fat is then carefully transferred to syringes for painless injection into the new area. Our goal is for the majority of the transplanted fat cells to live, but anywhere from 40-50% may die. So we tend to fill the desired area as much as possible in anticipation of the loss of volume.

What should I expect during a fat transfer treatment?

This simple procedure is not as complicated as you might imagine. You’ll be anesthetized with a local anesthetic, then fat will be removed from the donor site using a small cannula, then processed to take out any extra fluids. From there, it will be reinjected in the right spot. The process can be repeated until the look you want is achieved. You will leave the procedure numb and may experience some postoperative bruising, swelling and soreness.

Are fat transfer treatments safe?

These treatments are completely safe, and have performed well in a number of different clinical trial settings. Since it is your own tissue, the risk of allergy or communicable disease is zero! Prior to breast fat transfer, a mammogram and breast exam are required. Cosmetic surgeon Lawrence Broder MD has performed hundreds of SmartLipo laser liposuction procedures as well as fat transfers.

Why do this instead of a filler and how long does it last?

We have many excellent fillers like Juvederm, Restylane and Radiesse that we have been using successfully for years. They are great for small areas and can last up to a year. Unfortunately, they have small volumes in each syringe around 1 cc and are pricey. In contrast, for not much more cost, we can harvest and inject 50-1000 ccs of fat where you want it. Since the whole point of fillers is volume replacement, the more we have to work with, the better. Fillers are superior for smoothing deep wrinkles and lines. Fat does not have the stiffness required to do this like fillers have.

The other exciting thing about fat transfer is the realization regarding stem cells. It appears that fat contains more stem cells than bone marrow! Stem cells are cells that still retain the ability to turn into any type of cell your body needs. We used to think that we were just injecting fat cells and hoping as many as possible would survive in the new area (50-60%). But new research indicates that a lot of the initial fat injected degrades and it appears the stem cells are forming new fat and skin cells! This is why when many of our facial fat transplant patients return, their overlying skin looks rejuvenated! As a result of these stem cells, there is no reason your transplant cannot last for years. This procedure is evolving and we will update you as we learn more!

How many treatments will I need?

More than one fat transfer treatment may be required to maintain results as well as to get the amount of volume desired. We plan for a 40-50% decrease in volume, so future fat transfers may be needed.

Is fat transfer painful?

Initially, we use the smallest possible needle to achieve the goal, so you probably won’t feel much pain. Afterward, you may see swelling and bruising that can last up to five days.

Who is a good candidate for fat transfer?

Anyone who has a few donor sites and wishes for a smoother appearance in other areas of the body is a good candidate for this procedure. Breast augmentation and buttocks augmentation require a great deal of fat be available for transfer for successful results. Sometimes weight gain is warranted prior to the procedure!

What should I do after treatment?

Directly after treatment, you can expect very little discomfort. While you may see some bruising at first, it will vanish in a matter of days. Swelling will last longer. After buttocks augmentation, prolonged sitting must be avoided as much as possible for the first week.

What is Fat Transfer Cost?

The good thing is that fat transfer cost is very reasonable.  It can be performed as a stand alone procedure or as additional services with Smartlipo Laser Liposuction.

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