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Estrogen Dominance

Suffering from Symptoms of Menopause or PMS?

Millions of women’s lives are disrupted by hormonal changes.  They cause alterations of the mind and body that make life difficult and unpleasant.  The good thing is that there is now easy and effective testing and treatment for female hormone imbalance.  Menopause isn’t  just caused by a lack of estrogen, but by a bigger decrease in progesterone causing estrogen dominance.  It is the estrogen dominance that causes the troubling symptoms of menopause.


What are the Important Female Hormones?

Women depend on the balance of estrogen, progesterone and testosterone for optimal health.  Estrogen is produced by the ovaries and functions to develop female sex traits, breast growth, growth of the egg and endometrial lining.  Progesterone functions to mature  the egg and endometrial lining as well as to modulate the effects of estrogen throughout the body.   Testosterone boosts both libido and energy, maintains muscle mass, strengthens bone and ensures the nipples and clitoris are sensitive to sexual pleasure.

What are Estrogen Dominance Symptoms?

Lets look at some of the common symptoms of female hormone imbalance :

          Estrogen Excess             Low Progesterone            PMS                      Menopause

  • breast tenderness              breast tenderness          breast tenderness             vaginal dryness
  • hot flashes                             hot flashes                         hot flashes                      hot flashes
  • water retention                   water retention               water retention                 water retention
  • mood swings                         mood swings                    mood swings                    mood swings
  • depression/anxiety           depression/anxiety        depression/anxiety          depression/anxiety
  • fatigue                                      fatigue                                 fatigue                             fatigue
  • weight gain                            weight gain                        weight gain                       weight gain
  • breast cancer                       breast cancer                    sweet cravings               sweet cravings

So we can see there is many common symptoms between these conditions.  What they share is not an excess of estrogen but an imbalance between estrogen and progesterone.  Treating this estrogen dominance can resolve many of these PMS and menopause symptoms.

bioidentical hormones

How do we test for Estrogen Dominance?

These hormones circulate in the blood bound to proteins.  Only their free forms are active.  Blood tests cannot measure the free hormone levels.  Salivary testing allows for the measurement of the free hormone levels that the tissues see.  Salivary testing also allows us to look at multiple hormone levels at once.

How do we treat Estrogen Dominance?

Armed with our salivary testing results, we can make intelligent decisions on balancing the hormone levels.  Younger women experiencing PMS usually have normal to elevated estrogen levels and benefit from just progesterone supplementation.  Menopausal women suffer declines in both estrogen and progesterone and require careful replacement and balancing of both.

Is Estrogen and Progesterone Safe?

Yes, when used in the proper form and dosage.  The old way of hormone replacement was with high doses of synthetic oral hormones.  These medications over stimulated hormone receptors and suppressed natural hormone production.  They lead to higher risks of cancer and heart disease.  There was no direct measurement of hormone levels nor balancing of their dosages.

Bioidentical hormone replacement utilizes natural compounds that are identical to the body’s hormones.  They are applied transdermally (creams) to avoid any metabolism in the liver.  We directly measure their levels and only replace what is deficient.  We strive to balance their levels with each other.

So what do I do next if I am concerned I have Estrogen Dominance?

Contact us for a free consultation with Beleza Medspa to discuss bioidentical hormone therapy.  We offer salivary testing and replacement with compounded hormone creams, expertly tailored to your individualized needs.