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Whisper-3G Er:YAG Laser Skin Therapy in Austin, TX

YAG laser before and after photo

Now YOU Can Look 5 Years Younger*

Er:YAG laser skin resurfacing is a popular cosmetic procedure with a lot of our patients.  The results differ from patient to patient, however most of our patients feel like they look five years younger after the procedure.

Reverse The Signs of Sun Damage and Aging

This type of laser facelift can help rejuvenate the skin and reduce the effects of sun damage, aging, and some other facial skin disorders. DOT Therapy is ideal for treatment of pigment, skin laxity and texture, wrinkles and acne scars.

Whisper-3G Er:YAG laser is safe, effective, convenient, and is very affordable compared to many other treatment options.

Similar to the carbon dioxide laser, the chromophore of the 2940 Er:YAG wavelength is water.    However, the cutaneous absorption of the Er:YAG laser energy is 10-fold more efficient by intra and extra cellular water than CO2 energy.

YAG laser skin refinishing before and after

Unique Extended Ablation Technology

During the Whisper-3G treatment, epidermal cells are removed while the dermal tissue is receiving gentle heating to stimulate collagen renewal.

The precision and minimal residual thermal damage of extended ablation technology speeds up the re-epitheliaization process without leaving a demarcation line. This allows for the treatment of small problem areas and provides a full laser facial with minimal downtime and outstanding results.

Without exposing the underlying dermis, Whisper-3G treatments results provide a healthy, rejuvenated, smooth appearance!

Whisper-3G Er:YAG Laser Treatments Results Timeline

  1. On day one your skin will be pink and have a sensation similar to a light sunburn. Patients can resume normal activities immediately following treatment.
  2. On day two your make-up can be applied to cover any residual erythema and skin will begin to peel.
  3. On day three your skin exfoliation continues as new cells replace dry, dead ones.
  4. On day four should see noticeable improvements in skin texture and tightness.
  5. On day five your skin should appear younger, healthier and more vibrant.