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Coolsculpting Near Me.

You have done your research and talked to your friends.  You know Coolsculpting works and you want it.  How do you choose your Coolsculpting Near Me provider?  You look at Coolsculpting Reviews and Coolsculpting Before and Afters.   Now that you made your decision, you want the best and fastest Coolsculpting possible.  Dualsculpting may be what you are looking for.


Dualsculpting Doubles the Power of Coolsculpting.

Does Coolsculpting work?  Yes!  Coolsculpting works great to reduce fat in stubborn areas without needles or anesthesia.  The only limitation of Coolsculpting is that only one area of the body can be treated at one time.  So unfortunately, those two love handles will require separate treatments, doubling the time required.  Now, the treatment times have been decreased with new applicators like Cooladvanatge, but you still have to sit there through two treatments.  If you are doing multiple body areas at once, like many patients want to do, this can turn into hours and hours in the office.

What is Dualsculpting or Dual Sculpting?

Simply, Dualsculpting involves the use of two Coolsculpting machines at once.  So both those love handles can be treated at the same time!  Both those bra rolls can be treated at the same time!  Both those thighs can be treated at the same time!  As you can see, this can save you hours of time when you are doing multiple body areas.  Why don’t all practices offer dualsculpting?  Expense!  Beleza Medspa has invested in a second Coolsculpting machine to offer our patients Dualsculpting.  This investment allows our patients to save considerable time in their busy schedules.

Why Coolsculpting at Beleza?

We are one of the market leaders in Coolsculpting in the Austin area.  We have performed over 2000 procedures over the last 6 years.  We offer Coolsculpting Near Me in Cedar Park and Killeen TX, as well as Dualsculpting at our downtown Austin office.  Our Coolsculpting technicians are well trained (attendees at Coolsculpting University) and experienced and excel at delivering you the best possible Coolsculpting results.  Plus we offer some of the lowest Coolsculpting PricesCall or email now for your free Coolsculpting consultation.



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