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Twice the Coolsculpting in half the time!


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What is DualSculpting?

Simply, Dualsculpting is the application of 2 Coolsculpting machines at the same time. Coolsculpting has become the gold standard for non surgical and non invasive fat reduction.  The only limitation to Coolsculpting is that each machine can only support one applicator at a time.  So Dualsculpting utilizes two machines at once.  For example, treating love handles would usually require two hours of treatment time using a single machine.  Dualsculpting can treat both love handles in one hour!

Is DualSculpting different than Coolsculpting?

No.  Dualsculpting offers all the great advantages of Coolsculpting including no needles, no anesthesia, comfortable procedure and no downtime.  It adds the ability to treat two areas at once in half the time.  It makes this convenient procedure even quicker and gets you back home even faster.

Where can I get Dualsculpting?

We are currently offering Dual Sculpting at our new Killeen office.

DualSculpting Military Discount

Dr Broder is a former Army doctor and knows how important the tape test is.  We are now offering a DualSculpting Military Discount of 10% to all active duty soldiers who need to pass the tape test.  Dualsculpting cannot help everyone and Medical Weight Loss and Smartlipo Laser Liposuction are great alternatives.