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Dark Circles under Eyes Treatment.

Under Eye Shadows/Dark Circles

The area under the eyes or the infraorbital area, is particularly problematic for many. The appearance of bags, dark circles or sunken eyes can make an individual appear tired and unwell. Bags under the eyes can be due to excessive fat under the eyes or swelling of the thin tissues around the eyes. There are surgical procedures to remove the fat, but more often than not, the bags are due to a depression formed by the descent of the cheek. This depression known as the tear trough, can easily be restored with a dermal filler or fat transfer. Once the tear trough is filled, a smooth plane runs from the cheek to the eye, erasing any appearance of bags under the eyes.

Dark circles under eyes causes.

Dark circles can have many causes. Heredity, allergies/congestion, hyperpigmentation and thinning of the skin can all alone, or combined cause the dark color. Effective treatments can range from concealers and topical products to fillers, microneedling, chemical peels and laser/IPL treatments. It is important to know what is causing the circles before deciding on treatment.

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