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Coolsculpting Austin Cost

How much does Coolsculpting in Austin cost?

You have heard about Coolsculpting and how good it works to reduce stubborn fat.  You want it, but how much does coolsculpting cost?  Coolsculpting is priced by the body area treated.  There are different sized applicators that can be applied to each body area.  Everybody is different, so one person can treat their entire lower abdomen with a small applicator while another may need a large applicator.  That is why it is very difficult to estimate Coolsculpting pricing without an in-office consultation.  Just as a ballpark figure, applicators can run $800-$1600 each.  Beleza Medspa due to its volume of Coolsculpting, can offer one of the lowest Coolsculpting Austin Costs.

Coolsculpting Applicators:

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Now with Cooladvantage too!

Coolsculpting does it work?

Yes!  Millions of treatments on millions of patients, has proven that Coolsculpting works.  Fat freezing Coolsculpting has evolved into the gold standard, non-invasive, in-office body contouring procedure.  There is presently no other technology to replicate the results of Coolsculpting.  Smartlipo Liposuction can offer better body contouring, skin tightening and faster results, but it also requires anesthesia, needles and some downtime.  Coolsculpting has none of these.  In one one hour or less, your fat is treated and you just wait over the next several months as the fat cells die.  Even better, if you want more fat reduction, you can repeat your Coolsculpting treatment!  Coolsculpting Vs. Smartlipo

Coolsculpting Near Me.

Beleza Medspa offers multiple offices with Coolsculpting machines.   So we try to make it easy for you to get your Coolsculpting procedure.  Every office has the same well-trained and experienced staff to administer your Coolsculpting treatment.

Coolsculpting Round Rock

Coolsculpting Cedar Park

Coolsculpting Killeen

Coolsculpting Pricing

Besides our low everyday Coolsculpting Austin Costs, Beleza offers many other Coolsculpting Specials.   For new patients:  Get one area of Coolsculpting for free, if you purchase 3 other areas of Coolsculpting.  The free area must be of equal or lesser value than the treated areas.  This offer has no cash value and cannot be combined with other discounts.  So in effect, save 25% on Coolsculpting pricing for all areas!  Contact us for your free consultation.







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