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Coolsculpting Chin Fat with CoolMini.*

coolsculpting chinCoolsculpting has been around for years and has a proven track record of successfully reducing fat in hundreds of thousands of patients.  Now the new CoolMini applicator designed for Coolsculpting chin fat that causes double chins is available!

CoolMini: Non-Surgical and Non-Invasive.

Just like all other Coolsculpting procedures, Cool Mini consists of a specialized applicator that suctions the fat under the chin into it.  During a one hour procedure, the double chin fat is frozen in a controlled fashion without damaging the surrounding tissues.  That is it!  No needles, no surgery or real downtime.  Over the next several months up to 1/3 of the fat cells under the chin will die.  The Coolmini procedure can be repeated for even greater results.  Just sit back and watch TV, listen to music or read email while your double chin is treated!

CoolMini: High Satisfaction

Studies have shown 83% of patients who had 1-2 Coolsculpting Chin treatments were happy with their procedure.  8 out of ten patients would recommend the procedure to their friends and family.

Kybella Vs CoolMini

Unlike Kybella double chin treatments, Coolmini does not involve the use of needles.  Kybella has also shown to cause a little more redness, swelling and soreness than Coolmini.  Kybella may require 2-5 treatment sessions that may be more costly than 1-2 Coolsculpting Chin procedures.  Coolmini is better for fat that can be pinched under the chin and the applicator must be able to fit the patient’s neck.

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