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Chin Liposuction

Want to Get Rid of Your Double Chin? Double Chin Surgery Can!

Do you suffer from a double chin?  Extra fat and loose skin under the chin can make you look older, tired and overweight.  Sometimes due to obesity and age, but many times it just runs in families. Double chins are a very difficult problem to deal with.  Now there are several procedures available to easily remove a double chin.  Chin liposuction also known as neck liposuction or submental liposuction, can safely fix a double chin in a safe 1 hour procedure.

Performed under local anesthesia (tumescent liposuction), double chin surgery is a very safe procedure.  A dilute lidocaine solution is instilled into the skin under the chin.  This causes almost immediate numbness that will last for hours after the procedure.  Initially, the Smartlipo laser is used to  deliver heat to the anesthetized area.  The heat melts fat and also stimulates skin tightening.  A small, hollow liposuction cannula is then used to vacuum the melted fat from the chin and neck.  Care is taken to carefully sculpt and contour the remaining fat under the chin and along the jaw line.  Jowls, the fat under the jaw line is also removed.

Chin Liposuction Pictures

liposuction chin picturechin liposuction

 Look at the huge difference in appearance that chin liposuction produces!(actual Beleza patient)

Jowls Plastic Surgery to get rid of jowls!

Many people with double chins also have Jowls.  These are areas of skin and fat that have descended on the face and have draped over the jaw line.  They contribute to an aged appearance.  During liposuction, the jowls can be treated with laser and suction to remove them and restore a defined jaw line.

The result should be the loss of the double chin as well as a tighter angle under the chin.  Any jowls along the jaw line should be reduced and a sharper jaw line should be visible.    Recovery is quick due to the great blood supply of the neck.  Bruising may occur and swelling will be present for several weeks.

Double Chin Surgery Cost

Although a surgical procedure, chin liposuction is a safe and straight forward.   It should take about an hour and the use of local anesthesia improves safety and keeps the chin liposuction cost low.   Expect double chin surgery to start around $2999.

In terms of bang for your buck, chin liposuction is unrivaled in its ability to change your appearance

Cosmetic surgeon Dr Lawrence Broder MD  has performed hundreds of chin liposuction procedures and is ready to help you!

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