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Chemical Peel Specials

Chemical Skin Peel

Chemical peels, like many other aesthetic treatments, vary in price based on region, demand and competition in the area. In the Austin area, chemical peels can cost between $90 and $300, depending on the type and intensity of the peel. Many patients, in the search for a good deal on a chemical peel, turn to spas with which they are not familiar to get a lower price from popular deal sites like Groupon and Living Social.

In addition to the daily low prices offered, chemical peel specials are offered regularly at Beleza Med Spa so there is no need to turn to an unfamiliar practice or spa to get a good deal. When patients purchase a package of three chemical peels, we offer a package price that can save a significant amount of money for the patient. In addition, during our popular open house events, we often offer chemical peel specials that reduce the price of the peel for those patients who only want to buy one at a time.

Face Chemical Peels

It is tempting to hop around from business to business to get a good deal, but the real value of visiting the same business and practitioner is that our team can understand your skin’s unique needs. Just like finding the perfect person to cut and color your hair, skin is a complicated organism that responds to even small changes in weather, moisture and chemical exposure. It is important to stay with a practitioner long enough for her to understand how your unique skin responds to treatments and the climate so she can perfect a skincare regimen for you.

After Chemical Peel

We recently had a patient return to Nancy in Round Rock after hopping from practice to practice. She described the “system” of appointments and skincare products Nancy developed for her and how she was pleased with the results but felt she could find a better deal somewhere else. Eventually, when the skin issue Nancy treated reoccurred, she called to see Nancy – the other practitioners were unable to find the right formula for her skin because they didn’t know her skin like Nancy did.

It is good to get on a regular chemical peel routine, so the idea of package purchase chemical peel specials is very advantageous and can save money over the long run. Many patients prefer to get two – three chemical peels per year, making chemical peel specials so important in maintaining the “beauty” budget.

We would love the opportunity to tell you about our current chemical peel specials. Call the location most convenient for you to get information on the best deal or visit our “deal” page and join us for our next event!

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