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Tummy Tuck Cost

What does a Tummy Tuck Cost? There are several components to a tummy tuck surgery that determines the tummy tuck cost.  First, there are fees associated with the facility and operating room.  These are fixed costs that cover where your surgery is actually performed.  Next, there is the anesthesia fee.  This fee covers the presence of your anesthesia professional, usually a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) to be present during your entire procedure while ensuring your comfort and safety.  The next fee is the surgeon’s fee.  This cost covers the plastic surgeon’s time in performing your procedure, as well as approving you for the procedure and taking care of you as you heal.  Finally, the last fee covers things like post-surgery garments, prescriptions for medication and laboratory tests before your procedure.  As you can see, there are many fees that determine the final tummy tuck price. How much is a Tummy Tuck? The average tummy tuck cost in 2018 according to was $8150.  This is an average fee that covers all types of patients from all over the country.  The other variable to consider is how difficult the procedure will be.  Patients with more skin, more fat and previous procedures will add to operative time and the complexity of the procedure.  This of course, will lead to a higher tummy tuck cost. How do I get my Tummy Tuck Price? Easy!  Just contact us for your free consultation.  We will work to match your expectations with what is possible.  We will then provide you a personalized quote with all fees included.  You will then meet with Austin Plastic Surgeon Dr. Staci Hix-Hernandez MD to discuss the details of your Tummy Tuck Surgery. How can I save on Tummy Tuck Cost? The best way to save on your tummy tuck cost is to bundle it with other procedures with a Mommy Makeover.  As the fixed costs like the facility and anesthesia fees are already included, you can add other plastic surgery procedures like breast augmentation and/or breast lift, and liposuction.  By bundling these procedures you can save a great deal of money for each of them and get even better results.…

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Butt Lift Near Me

Looking for a Butt Lift Near Me? Have you decided the Brazilian Butt Lift is the procedure that will help improve your body?  Are you now looking for surgeons and practices to help you get the Butt Lift results you dream of? Beleza Medspa has everything you need when looking for a Brazilian Butt Lift Near Me: We have performed thousands of liposuction, fat transfer and Butt Lift or BBL procedures. We own our own nationally accredited AAAHC   plastic surgery suite to insure your safety and to control costs. Our Plastic Surgeon is highly experienced in body contouring procedures including Tummy Tucks and Mommy Makeovers. We are experts at using Smartlipo Liposuction to remove fat from where you do not want it and moving it to where you do! The fat we use for the Brazilian Butt Lift surgery is totally you-natural without fear of foreign bodies. We are experts at tumescent anesthesia and perform the procedure safely while you are awake. We fully understand the relationship between a slimmer waist and a bigger butt. We offer multiple offices where your BBL consult can be obtained. We offer some of the lowest Butt Lift Costs in the Austin area. How Do I Get a Brazilian Butt Lift Near Me Consult? Easy! Contact us for your free consultation and body assessment.  If we think that we can help you, you will then meet with Austin Plastic Surgeon Dr. Staci Hix-Hernandez MD for a final planning and clearance meeting.…

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Butt Lift Cost-BBL Cost Austin TX

What is the Butt Lift Cost or BBL Cost Austin TX? A Butt Lift, or Butt Surgery, a Brazilian Butt Lift or BBL, is a cosmetic surgery procedure designed to enhance the size and shape of the buttocks.  The Butt Lift procedure has two main parts, liposuction and fat transfer.  The liposuction is necessary not only to collect fat, but to perform body sculpting that decreases the waist size.  Once the fat is collected by liposuction, it can then be used for fat transfer to the buttocks.  The goal of the Butt Lift is to produce a buttocks that is larger and more shapely.  The Butt Lift is an ideal add-on procedure to an abdominal and flanks liposuction procedure and the Butt Lift Cost is usually very reasonable. The Butt Lift cost is determined by the two procedures that comprise it.  There is a cost for the liposuction procedure and a cost for the fat transfer procedure.  The good thing about the Butt Lift Cost, it that most of the expense is already contained in the liposuction procedure.  The anesthesia, facility fee and other fees are already covered by the initial liposuction fee.   The fat transfer fee just needs to cover the expenses of performing the fat transfer procedure.  As a result, the BBL Cost Austin TX is not much more than a liposuction procedure alone. Brazilian Butt Lift Cost The Butt Lift or BBL is an ideal procedure to add on to a liposuction procedure.  As we discussed, the liposuction procedure already covers most of the fees involved.  As the fat collected from the liposuction would usually be thrown away, utilizing it for fat transfer makes a lot of sense.  The liposuction fat is a natural filler that you can use to enhance your body without the risks of artificial fillers.   So, a Butt Lift using the fat from liposuction for fat transfer can save you a lot of money besides giving you great results.  This is in contrast to Butt Implants which are artificial and very expensive. Butt Lift Cost-Brazilian Buttocks Lift Cost There are several factors that determine the final Brazilian Butt Lift Cost.  Not everybody is the same.  We have different amounts of fat as well as different body sizes.  So the Brazilian Buttocks Lift Cost must take into account the amount of fat to be removed, the buttocks size desired, etc.  Plus, the surgeon’s fee and operative time are increased with the addition of a Butt Lift to liposuction. A free in-person consultation is needed to determine the final butt lift cost.  The average national cost of a Brazilian Butt Lift in 2018 was $6525.…

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BBL Surgery: Brazilian Butt Lift

What is BBL Surgery? BBL stands for the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure.  Simply, the BBL is a plastic surgery procedure utilizing liposuction and fat transfer to increase the size and contours of the buttocks.  BBL surgery can be performed safely while awake using tumescent anesthesia.  Liposuction is performed first, specifically focusing on decreasing the size of the waist.  By producing a smaller waist, the buttocks naturally looks bigger.  The fat removed during the liposuction, is then carefully injected into the buttocks with the aim of increasing its size and improving its shape.  No other procedure can produce the figure altering effects of the Brazilian Butt Lift. What is the BBL Cost? Considering the results delivered by BBL surgery, the Butt Lift Cost is quite reasonable.  No amount of dieting, exercise or non surgical procedures, can deliver the results of BBL surgery.  In fact, one can waste tens of thousands of dollars trying to get Brazilian Butt Lift results, with nothing to show for it.  The BBL cost at Beleza Medspa starts at $5999 and requires a free consultation for individualized pricing. Butt Implants vs BBL Before BBL surgery was perfected, Butt Implants were the only procedure available for buttocks augmentation.  The problem with butt implants was that a foreign body (plastic) had to be placed into the buttocks.  Obviously, having a foreign body in your buttocks for a lifetime was not ideal.  There were problems with movement of the implants as well as discomfort.  Further, butt implants required large incisions to be made that left scars and other concerns. BBL surgery has revolutionized buttocks augmentation.  By simply “taking fat from where you don’t want it and putting it where you want it”, BBL surgery has been a game changer.  The liposuction required to harvest the fat produces a smaller waist that by itself, produces a larger-looking buttocks.  The fat transfer procedure requires only small incisions and since the fat is from your body, the risks for infection or rejection are markedly decreased.  The buttocks normally contains a great deal of fat and using your own fat to enlarge them, makes sense and produces natural looking results. BBL Results When interested in Brazilian Butt Lift surgery, one should look at BBL Before and After Photos to judge BBL Results.  View some of Beleza Medspa’s BBL results here. Butt Lift Near Me …

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Liposuction 360

What is Liposuction? Basically, liposuction is the suctioning of excess fat from the body.  But that is an over simplification of what liposuction really is.  Liposuction is actually an artistic, body sculpting procedure designed to produce more aesthetically pleasing body contours.  The surgeon uses the liposuction instruments to carefully and skillfully remove excess fat to reveal new curves and profiles.  So, in the pursuit of liposuction results, the creative and artistic abilities of the surgeon are as important as their training. What is Liposuction 360? Like most sculptures, the body is 3 dimensional.  This means that treating one area, actually requires treating the neighboring areas to produce the best results.  For instance, let’s look at the waist.  You could just treat the abdomen and get a smaller waist.  But to really get the smaller, tighter waist (snatched), one would also need to treat the love handles and the back too.  This all-around liposuction, or liposuction 360 (lipo 360) will give the patient the results possible. So liposuction 360 involves circular liposuction around the body areas treated.  Liposuction 360 is critical in areas like the waist, arms and thighs, where the fat is contained in tight compartments.  The thing to know about these areas, is that the fat and the skin are all connected.  Best results require treating all the connected areas.  Removing fat from an area completely opposite the area that you are interested in, can produce even better results! How Does Liposuction 360 Work? As we mentioned above, liposuction 360 is critical for best results in areas like the arms, waist and thighs.  What do these areas have in common?  They are all basically closed compartments, tightly connected to each other.  As a result, removing fat with liposuction and inducing skin tightening, will produce results in the entire compartment.  For example, removing back and love handle fat, will produce a tighter waist on the opposite side, the abdomen.  Once you and more importantly, your surgeon understand liposuction 360, your liposuction results can be unlimited.  …

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          Beleza Medspa’s own Austin Plastic Surgeon Dr. Staci Hix-Hernandez MD has been selected an Austin Monthly Austin Top Doctor again for 2019! This why we consider Dr. Hix-Hernandez one of the Top Plastic Surgeons in Austin. Austin Top Doctor Austin Top Doctor Staci Hix-Hernandez leads Beleza Medspa’s Plastic Surgery department and operates out of our AAAHC accredited surgery suite in Cedar Park.  She specializes in Tummy Tucks, Breast Augmentations, Breast Lifts, Breast Reductions, Gynecomastia Surgery, Liposuction, Fat Transfer including Brazilian Butt Lifts and Mommy Makeovers. Contact us now for your free consultation with Austin Plastic Surgeon Dr. Hix-Hernandez to discuss your Cosmetic Surgery needs.  …

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Beleza Medspa has provided liposuction procedures to thousands of patients in the Austin area, for more than 10 years.  We have assembled some of the most common questions asked by our patients: What is the Liposuction Surgery Definition & Liposuction Meaning Is Liposuction Surgery What is the Liposuction Procedure like What areas of the body can be treated with Liposuction Surgery? What kind of anesthesia is used for Liposuction Surgery? What are the Liposuction Scars like? What is Smart Liposuction? What is the Liposuction Cost? What is the Liposuction Recovery? What are the Liposuction Side Effects? What are the Liposuction Risks? Do you have Liposuction Surgery Before and After? Where do I find Liposuction Near Me? What is the Liposuction Surgery Definition & Liposuction Meaning? Liposuction surgery basically means the suctioning of fat from the body.  It is typically used for cosmetic reasons to remove fat from areas  that are resistant to diet and exercise. Is Liposuction Surgery? Yes. Surgery is a field of medicine where the physician performs a procedure to produce a change in the body.  Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery procedure used to remove excess fat and produce body contouring. What is the Liposuction Procedure like? The safest way to perform liposuction, is while awake using local, tumescent anesthesia.  Prior to starting the liposuction, a salt water solution containing lidocaine is injected into the fat.  This solution provides anesthesia and prevents bleeding.  Once numb, thin hollow liposuction cannulas are used to suction away the fat. What areas of the body can be treated with Liposuction Surgery? Virtually any part of the body can be treated with liposuction surgery.  Most common areas include abdomens, love handles and flanks, bra rolls, thighs, arms and chins. What kind of anesthesia is used for Liposuction Surgery? Liposuction can be performed under general anesthesia, but is safest performed while awake under local tumescent anesthesia.  General anesthesia is actually riskier than the liposuction procedure itself.  Tumescent anesthesia leads to a safer procedure and a much quicker liposuction recovery. What are the Liposuction Scars like? Liposuction does require multiple small incisions to be made in the skin.  The good thing is that they are very small and can be hidden in various parts of the body. What is Smart Liposuction? Smart liposuction has become to mean awake liposuction performed awake using small microcannulas and allowing drainage after the procedure.  Smartlipo involves the use of a laser while Vaser Lipo involves the use of ultrasonic energy. What is the Liposuction Cost? Liposuction is typically priced by the number of body areas treated.  Liposuction prices must also take into account the amount of fat present, as more fat means more work.  Some of our average liposuctions costs can be found here. What is the Liposuction Recovery? The recovery after liposuction performed under local anesthesia is pretty quick.  After Liposuction, patients are back on their feet immediately and should resume light activities.  Patients may return to work in 3-5 days as tolerated. What are the Liposuction Side Effects? The main side effects after tumescent liposuction are drainage, numbness and swelling.  The first 1-2 days after the procedure will be marked by the drainage of the tumescent fluid.  After the drainage stops, the liposuction areas will swell.  This swelling will take 1-2 months to resolve and is treated with massage, a compression garment and activity.  Most patients will also have some numbness in the liposuction areas for several weeks. What are the Liposuction Risks? Like any surgical procedure, liposuction risks include infection, bleeding and pain.  The good thing about tumescent liposuction is that these risks are minimized. Do you have Liposuction Before and After? See some of our liposuction before and after photos here. Where do I find Liposuction Near Me? Beleza Medspa has provided awake, tumescent liposuction surgery to thousands of patients in the Austin area since 2008.  Beleza Medspa has a custom built, AAAHC accredited surgical suite specifically designed to provide safe liposuction surgery.  When looking for liposuction near me, consider Beleza Medspa and Plastic Surgeon Dr. Staci Hix-Hernandez MD for your free liposuction consultation. …

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Top 5 Liposuction Questions

What is Liposuction? Beleza Medspa has helped thousands of patients over the past 10 years, successfully remove stubborn fat from their bodies with liposuction.  However, liposuction is more than just fat removal, but more of an artistic body contouring procedure.  Over the years, we have collected some of the most common liposuction questions by our patients: How much does liposuction cost? The liposuction cost depends on the number of body areas treated and the amount of fat needed to be removed. Somebody with more fat to be removed, will require more work and therefore more cost.  The good thing is that the cost of liposuction is affordable more than ever with use of local anesthesia.   Beleza Medspa liposuction prices start at $1199 an area, with the average liposuction cost of $5000.  A free consultation is required to determine individual pricing. 2.  How much swelling will I experience after liposuction? All patients will experience some degree of swelling after liposuction.  The empty space under your skin where the fat is removed, will naturally be filled with fluid by your body. This swelling will eventually resolve with time.  How long the liposuction swelling takes to resolve and how much swelling there is, depends on how much fat is removed and is different for every patient.  Liposuction swelling is helped by wearing a compression garment, massage and exercise.  Most patients will have most of their liposuction swelling resolve in one month, but sometimes it lasts another few months. 3.  What are the non-surgical alternatives to liposuction? The best non-surgical alternative to liposuction is Coolsculpting.  Coolsculpting allows for the reduction of stubborn fat without any recovery or downtime.  However, Coolsculpting cannot remove as much fat as liposuction or perform true body contouring. 4.  How long do I have to wear compression garments after liposuction? As we discussed in the liposuction swelling question, wearing of a compression garment helps with the resolution of swelling.  We generally recommend our liposuction patients wear their compression garments for 4-6 weeks.  As the swelling resolves, we recommend switching to smaller garments to maximize your results. 5.  How much downtime is there after liposuction? The use of local tumescent anesthesia during liposuction has greatly decreased liposuction downtime and liposuction recovery.  The tumescent fluid actually protects the surrounding tissues while the fat is removed.  After liposuction, our patients go home pain-free and are back on their feet immediately.  We encourage light activity the next day and gradual resumption of normal activity over the next week.  Most patients will miss less than a week of work, depending on what they do. …

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What Does a Mommy Makeover Cost?

Mommy Makeover Austin TX Becoming a mom is one of the most rewarding experiences a woman can enjoy.  However, the realities of pregnancy and childbirth are not as always so nice.   A mom’s body undergoes tremendous changes that can leave less than desirable  permanent effects.   The skin of the abdomen can be left stretched out with visible stretch marks and scars.  The abdominal muscles can be left pulled apart, leaving a bulging belly.  The breasts can be left stretched out and deflated after breastfeeding.  New fatty deposits can be found after gaining and losing weight.  After vaginal delivery, the vagina can be left with a loss of vaginal tightness, also known as vaginal laxity.  So what does a mommy makeover consist of?  What does a Mommy Makeover Cost? What does a mommy makeover consist of? The mommy makeover is a combination of plastic surgery procedures designed to improve the appearance of the post-childbirth body.  Typically, these procedures are combined into one session to save time, money, downtime and risk.  The procedures included depend on the woman’s concerns, degree of correction needed, and tolerance for downtime.  Possible procedures included in a mommy makeover include: Breast augmentation Breast lift Buttock augmentation Liposuction Tummy tuck Vaginal rejuvenation Who is a good candidate for a mommy makeover? The best candidates for a mommy makeover are in good health and have lost most of the pregnancy weight.  You should be done with childbearing and have realistic expectations and a positive outlook about surgery. Mommy Makeover Recovery The recovery from a mommy makeover depends on the procedures included.  By combining them, the goal is to minimize downtime and speed recovery.  Typically, most patients will be back on their feet immediately after the procedure but will need 2-4 weeks to recover. Mommy Makeover Cost The cost of a mommy makeover depends on the procedures included.  The great thing about the mommy makeover, is that by combining multiple procedures in one session, there can be great savings in surgery related costs like anesthesia and other fees.  This can result in saving thousands of dollars over performing the procedures individually. Average Mommy Makeover Cost in Austin TX Due to the variability in procedures performed, a mommy makeover can cost anywhere from $5000 to $19,000.  The average cost of a mommy makeover in Austin TX is between $12,000 and $14,000.  A consultation is necessary to determine what your goals are and to develop an individualized treatment plan and the costs involved. Mommy Makeover Near Me If you are interested in a mommy makeover, the next step is a free consultation.  Plastic Surgeon Staci Hix-Hernandez MD at Beleza Medspa, is an expert at breast and body procedures, and considers mommy makeovers one of her favorite procedures.  Contact us for a free consultation with one of the top plastic surgeons in Austin to discuss your concerns. Mommy Makeover Round Rock TX Beleza Medspa’s AAAHC accredited surgery suite is located minutes away from Round Rock TX. …

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What are Gynecomastia Causes?

Gynecomastia is basically the growth of breast tissue in men and boys.  It typically happens during periods of hormone fluctuations, like during puberty.  Once these hormonal surges decrease, the gynecomastia usually resolves.  But sometimes the breast tissue remains, and the boy is left with an embarrassing problem.

We are also seeing more and more cases of men developing gynecomastia after using steroids and testosterone.  Unfortunately, using such substances without proper knowledge of their use can lead to the hormonal surges that cause gynecomastia.

Gynecomastia Surgery

Gynecomastia treatment effectively seeks to remove the breast tissue, returning a more masculine flat chest to the patient.  The Gynecomastia Surgery involves Vaser Liposuction and/or a small curved incision at the border of the nipple.  The breast tissue lies directly under the nipple and can be destroyed with Vaser Liposuction.   Once the nipple is elevated, the breast tissue can easily visualized and removed from the body.  The nipple is then sutured closed and scarring is minimal.

How Much Does Gynecomastia Surgery Cost?

Gynecomastia surgery should be performed while awake under local anesthesia.  This is the safest, most cost effective method to treat gynecomastia.  Tumescent local anesthesia is first instilled into the breast tissue which will give numbness for more than eight hours.  With some oral and/or IV sedation to relax you, the gynecomastia surgery can be performed while you are awake and watching!

By eliminating the risk and cost of general anesthesia and going under, gynecomastia surgery using local anesthesia is very affordable.  The gynecomastia surgery cost also depends on the need for liposuction.  If there is a significant amount of fat surrounding the breast tissue, liposuction may be necessary to achieve the flattest chest possible.  So adding liposuction the gynecomastia surgery will increase the cost.  Check out some of our Plastic Surgery prices at Beleza Medspa.

Gynecomastia Surgery at Beleza Medspa

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Staci Hix-Hernandez MD is an expert at gynecomastia treatment and liposuction for body contouring.  Contact us now for a free consultation to help you easily & safely deal with your gynecomastia.  Gyno Surgery Near me.