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People Also Ask: Coolsculpting

Here are some common people also ask questions about Coolsculpting and Coolsculpting FAQ. How Many Coolsculpting Treatments are Needed? Every Coolsculpting procedure can lead up to a 25% reduction in the size of the fatty area treated.  So, if you are seeking a more than 25% reduction, a Coolsculpting procedure would need to be repeated.  This can be done anywhere from 2-4 months after the initial treatment. What are the Side Effects of Coolsculpting on the Stomach? Normal side effects of Coolsculpting on the stomach include redness, numbness, swelling and occasionally some discomfort.  Usually, all of these side effects resolve in a few days to weeks. Is Coolsculpting Covered by Insurance? No.  Coolsculpting is considered a cosmetic procedure and would not be covered by traditional health insurance.  However, Beleza Medspa does offer no-interest financing through CareCredit. What are Coolsculpting Pros and Cons? The Pros of Coolsculpting are that it is noninvasive, performed in office, no anesthesia is required, can take as little as 35 minutes, and there is no downtime.  The Cons of Coolsculpting are that results are limited to a 25% reduction in the fatty layer, it can’t sculpt the fat layer or transfer the fat and it can only treat areas that the applicator can fit. Does Coolsculpting Work on the Arms? Yes.  Coolsculpting works great to reduce pinchable fat on the arms. How Much Does Coolsculpting Cost for the Stomach? It depend on the areas of the stomach and the results desired.  The stomach is divided into upper and lower areas and each may require a separate treatment.  Additionally, larger fat layers will require larger applicators and further treatments.  A free consultation is required to determine a personalized quote. How Much Does Coolsculpting usually Cost? As Coolsculpting Prices reflect the cost of the applicators which can run from $800-$1600, one can expect to spend several thousand dollars for an effective Coolsculpting procedure.  In terms of the results delivered, Coolsculpting can actually be a bargain. Does Coolsculpting Actually Work? Yes.  Coolsculpting has been performed millions of times and is the gold standard for noninvasive fat reduction.  Coolsculpting is proven technology that freezes fat cells in a controlled fashion, causing the body to remove them.  How does Coolsculpting work? How Much Does Liposuction Cost? This is a great question.  As Coolsculpting can only reduce up to 25% of fat per session, patients who are seeking more reduction may find the Coolsculpting price too high.  Liposuction offers the ability to remove a large amount of fat in one session and also offers body sculpting and fat transfer.  So, for many patients, liposuction vs coolsculpting may be the better alternative. More Top Coolsculpting Questions and Answers  …

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Med Spa Near Me

Looking for a Med Spa Near Me?   Finding a good Austin Med Spa can be a daunting task.  Besides the incredible number of procedures available, there are an overwhelming number of Med Spa providers in the community.  There are Cosmetic Surgeons, Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists and may others running Med Spas.  We would like to give you some tips when choosing a Med Spa near me. Med Spa Near Me Tip 1: Medical Director The owner of a legitimate Med Spa should have a visible medical director.  This is important as this physician is responsible for training and supervision of the staff as well the treatment of any potential complications.  If no physician is readily identifiable, it is best to go elsewhere. Med Spa Near Me Tip 2: Experience Look for a Med Spa that has at least 5 years of experience.  This way you know that there are established staff and policies available to provide the procedures you want.  You don’t want to be an experiment or a practice patient when undergoing these procedures. Med Spa Near Me Tip 3: Available Procedures Offering a few procedures is fine.  However, many of these procedures complement each other and improve your results like Botox & Juvederm or Coolsculpting and Liposuction.  The best Med Spas offer a wide variety of procedures as well as both surgical and non surgical options.  This way you know you are getting the best results with the best procedure available. Med Spa Near Me Tip 4: Convenience Your time is valuable.  A good Med Spa should offer multiple locations that bring their services closer to you.  Besides saving your time, a local office makes follow-up appointments more convenient. Med Spa Near Me: Beleza Med Spa Beleza Med Spa has everything you are looking for in a Med Spa in Austin.  Medical Director Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Staci Hix-Hernandez MD supervises and trains the Beleza staff.  Beleza Med Spa has been around more than a decade and is one of the leaders in Med Spa services like Botox, Juvederm, Coolsculpting, Microneedling, Hydrafacials and Plastic Surgery services like Liposuction, Tummy Tucks, Breast Augmentation, Mommy Makeovers, and more, in the Austin area.  Finally, Beleza Med Spa offers offices in Austin, Round Rock, Cedar Park and Killeen TX for your convenience.  Beleza recently opened BroDerma a MenSpa specifically for our male patients.  Contact us now for your free Austin Med Spa consultation!    …

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What are Fraxel Laser Treatments? Fraxel is a brand name for a new type of laser technology developed in 2001.  The technology involved the refinement of the CO2 laser.  The Co2 laser had been the gold standard for laser resurfacing treatments.   The light generated by the CO2 laser is highly absorbed by water, which is what skin is mostly made of.  As a result, the CO2 laser would vaporize the outer layer of skin it treated.  This would remove all signs of visible sun damage and aging.  The results were great but the patient was left with an open, burn-type wound to deal with after the procedure.  Healing took weeks and patients were prone to infections and complications.  The procedure required general anesthesia and pain was significant. Fraxel brought a new wrinkle to the CO2 laser.  It fractionated the laser beam, breaking it into millions of tiny beams in a grid.  The point of the Fraxel laser was that these microscopic pulses of light treated small volumes of the skin, leaving untreated areas between them.  The advantages of this approach were many.  By leaving untreated skin between the treatment zone, the outer layer of skin remained intact.  This skin acts as a natural dressing, protecting the underlying structures until the new skin is ready. The untouched cells in the intact skin could also participate in healing.  This decreased pain, downtime and complications. How do Fraxel Laser Treatments Work? The treatment zones of the fraxel laser actually vaporize the skin.  These areas allow the skin to refill them with new collagen, the building block of the skin.  The areas surrounding the treatment zones absorbs a lot of heat too.  This causes their collagen to eventually  be rebuilt and tighten.  The results are a new outer layer of skin within 3-4 days of the treatment.  The new skin is a shiny, pink that eventually resolves into a smooth surface.  The even more exciting part of the Fraxel laser is the skin tightening.  The fractionated laser beams penetrate deep into the lower layer of the skin, the dermis.  This is where the collagen is made and the heat stimulates new collagen and tightening which starts 3-4 weeks after the procedure. What is an ablative laser? An ablative laser remove skin during the treatment.  The skin is usually vaporized into smoke.  This allows for removal of sun damage and signs of aging and maximal results.  A nonablative laser does not remove skin.  The heat is delivered into the skin to cause coagulation of the collagen as well as stimulation of new collagen.   A new skin surface is not produced, but skin tightening is. What is Laser Resurfacing? DOT therapy is the brand name of the Fractional CO2 laser like Fraxel, that Beleza Med Spa uses.  Patients with acne scars, wrinkles, rough skin, brown spots and loose skin are are perfect candidates for this laser resurfacing procedure.  If you are looking for bang for your buck, a Fractionated CO2 laser resurfacing with Fraxel or DOT Therapy in unrivaled.…

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