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What is Power Assisted Liposuction? Beleza Medspa Austin is proud to announce the introduction of power assisted liposuction to its liposuction program. After careful evaluation of multiple technologies, Beleza Medspa chose power assisted liposuction as the next technology to add to his practice. “We have performed more than 500 procedures over the last several years, all using the smartlipo laser and manual suction to aspirate the fat”, Beleza Medspa reports. “The power assist technology amplifies my ability to sculpt and remove fat as well as making the procedure more comfortable for the patient”.  Power assisted liposuction is also ideal for fat transfer procedures like the Brazilian Butt Lift. What does Power Assisted Liposuction Do? MicroAire’s PAL® LipoSculptor™ is the only US-patented liposuction instrument using a reciprocating motion (rather than rotating) to facilitate the movement of the cannula within tissue. This innovation reduces the amount of manual force and physical effort required to perform lipoplasty, especially in areas with fibrous tissue. The result is a more comfortable experience for both the surgeon and the patient. “We are removing even larger amounts of fat with less effort, allowing more time to be spent on body contouring and skin tightening with the laser”, Beleza Medspa states, “Plus the power assisted liposuction technology is very safe and comfortable”. …

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Massage Therapy Reduces Gout Pain

Most people think of a massage as a tool to promote relaxation, a reward for a hard week at work, or a way to work out a tense muscle. And while massage therapy is all of those things, it also has proven health benefits as well. New research is constantly revealing new illnesses and conditions that massage can treat, and the newest one is gout. Gout is a type of arthritis that is characterized by the painful swelling of a joint. Gout occurs due to high uric acid levels in the blood, which can be traced to a high-sugar diet, rapid weight loss, and heredity. Though gout used to be a fairly rare problem, in recent years, the amount of people affected by gout has skyrocketed, most likely due to unhealthy diets. Luckily, multiple studies, including those by the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine and, have confirmed that massage therapy can be an effective, safe treatment for gout. Muscle manipulation will help ease the pain that gout causes in soft tissue, as well as promote relaxation and lower stress levels. Gout does not yet have a cure, but massage therapy has helped thousands of gout-sufferers reduce the amount of pain they experience. Taking steps towards a healthier diet and reduce your blood pressure are the best ways to avoid developing gout.…

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