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Allure Magazine announced their highly-anticipated Best of Beauty Breakthrough Awards this week recognizing the best-of-the-best in various beauty categories. Beleza was especially pleased to see that Allure awarded the 2017 Best of Beauty Breakthrough Award to three of our top-selling (and personal favorite) products: Juvéderm Volbella® XC, SkinBetter Science Alto Defense Serum, and SkinMedica® Lytera 2.0 Pigment Correcting Serum. What is  Juvéderm Volbella® XC? Juvéderm Volbella® XC (Volbella) is a hyaluronic acid dermal filler used for lip augmentation and for the correction of perioral lines, often called “lipstick lines” in adults. The lidocaine gel improves the comfort of the injection by reducing sensitivity to pain. Allergan’s new formulation in the product, the Vycross technology, separates this filler from other dermal fillers. It produces natural, softer lips and patients experience less swelling after the injections. “It’s made with a lower concentration of hyaluronic acid than any other filler out there, so it has a soft consistency and is the best option for anyone who wants a very natural look,” says Jessica Wu, a dermatologist in Los Angeles. (Allure). Where can I buy Volbella? As an added convenience to our patients, Beleza offers Volbella at all four locations making it easy on your commute to finally get those lips done. I might be a little biased, but Beleza truly does have some of the top injectors in Austin (and maybe even Texas!). As a Top 25 Allergan Aesthetic Practice in the country, (AKA Black Diamond Practice), all Beleza MedSpa injectors receive the highest level of training from Allergan directly on all injectables, including Volbella. Taking the plunge to get your lips done is nerve racking enough as it is, so it’s best to avoid the added stress of worrying about your injector’s experience. Take a seat at the big kids table and let us take care of your new perfect pout. Call or email us to book your FREE consultation: 1.800.509.9785. Click here to check out some of our before and after photos! What is Skinbetter Science Alto Defense Serum? Let’s just put it this way: Alto is THE antioxidant to buy. We all know antioxidants are a key player in a skin care routine because they protect against damage caused by free radicals (pollution, sun, and stress etc). Alto Defense literally takes being an antioxidant to a new level. It is a lightweight, powerful, innovative serum that contains 19 different antioxidants to protect your skin from nasty cell-damaging, wrinkle-causing free radicals. Yes, we said 19! Where can I buy Skinbetter Science Alto Defense? From Beleza MedSpa, of course! Skinbetter Science has put the lock-down on all 3rd party online retailers, so unfortunately we are unable to sell their products from our online store. That said, we are happy to ship to you directly. To purchase this amazing product (or any Skinbetter Science products), please visit us in-store at one of our four store locations, or please give our sister store, Texas Beauty Company, a call at 512.953.0512 or email (PSST – they ship nationwide FOR FREE when you spend $50!) What is SkinMedica® Lytera 2.0 Pigment Correcting Serum? Lytera 2.0 is a pigment correcting serum used to treat hyper-pigmentation skin. The best part about Lytera 2.0 is that it is clinically proven to address pigment discoloration, regardless of your genetics or skin tone. And, it’s ideal for ALL skin types? Unheard of! Another highlight of this brightening serum is that it complements the use of other skin care treatments such as laser therapy, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, and other skin care products. We have had clients see results in as little as two weeks and then even better results after 12 weeks! It contains five key ingredients to help lighten dark skin splotches, even out your skin tone, and diminish dark spots. And, the cherry on top? Lytera 2.0 will fit in seamlessly with your other skin care products. Again, unheard of! Where can you buy SkinMedica® Lytera 2.0 Pigment Correcting Serum? You’re in luck! You can purchase Lytera 2.0 directly from our online store, Texas Beauty Company, (FREE shipping over $50!), or please visit us in-store at one of our four store locations to purchase. BUY NOW: SkinMedica® Lytera 2.0 Pigment Correcting Serum All in all, we are thrilled Allure Magazine confirmed what we already knew was true: these three top selling products truly are leaders in their field. Please call or email us to book your free consultation if you would like more information: or 1.800.509.9785.…

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What Are Microcannula Filler Injections?

When clients think of fillers like Botox and Juvederm, they often shudder at the thought of being repeatedly stuck with a needle. Is it painful? Will it leave scars? Will there be swelling? These are some of the top questions asked. But Does Beauty Have to Mean Pain? In the past, many of us have heard the term “no pain no gain”. Now this doesn’t have to be the case with new and improved methods to maintain beauty. Microcannula filler injections promise a less painful approach to getting noninvasive cosmetic procedures done, like fillers in the form of Juvederm, Restylane, Botox and others. What Is It And How Does It Work? The pain we feel from needles doesn’t necessarily occur from the surface point. This pain surfaces when needles penetrate deep into the layers of the skin. To counteract this, experts now make a small entryway from the surface, and then insert a smaller, duller and hollowed microcannula needle to inject the filler. The cannulas are characterized by fine and flexible tubes that can be inserted at the puncture marks of traditional needles. Each target area for fillers will require between one and five entryways to get the best results. These results usually mean plump and more youthful looking skin. Microcannulas are furthermore adapted for processes like Liposuction to minimize the risks of scarring and pain. Benefits of Microcannula Injections: ~Lowered risk of bleeding and more rapid recovery times. ~Lowered risk of pain and discomfort during and after the filler injections. ~Lowered risk of rupturing blood vessels in the face. ~Lowered risk of surrounding tissues becoming damaged from repeat injections. ~No local anesthesia is required before or during the process. Benefits of Fillers Most popular fillers provide the following benefits: ~Increase cheek volume ~Remove fine lines and wrinkles ~Remove under eye circles ~Reverse other signs of aging Fillers can be painful nevertheless, due to the areas usually targeted. The lips for instance are more delicate than other areas of the body due to thin skin. Microcannulas nevertheless, revolutionize the process, and to ensure no pain, the surgeon may still prescribe medicines for relief. When it comes to noninvasive methods of reversing and/or preventing the signs of aging, fillers come in on the top tier of effective lists – even though injections are administered. Ultimately, microcannula fillers are considered to be a more sane and practical method to look beautiful – in the least invasive way possible.

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