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Cosmetic Dermatology is the practice of dermatologic medicine to improve a patient’s appearance. Cosmetic dermatology entails the the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of skin conditions that adversely affect our appearance.  The most common skin conditions are acne and acne scars, sun damage or photoaging, rosacea or redness, melasma or hyperpigmentation, cellulite and excess fat and excess or unwanted hair.  Most of these skin changes are easily diagnosed by visible inspection of the skin.  There are many treatments available to remove or minimize the effects of these problems. The tools available in cosmetic dermatology include lasers, intense pulsed light (IPL), radiofrequency, liposuction, chemical peels, Botox and Dysport, fillers like Juvederm and Radiesse, medications and cosmeceuticals.   These treatments need to be carefully tailored to each patient’s needs.   Acne has many topical and oral medications available for treatment.  Once scarring has occurred, treatment involves lasers and chemical peels.  Sun damage has many negative effects on the skin and is responsible for the majority of the visible signs of aging we are used to.  Depending on the age of the patient and amount of aging, some interventions could include Botox and fillers, IPL photofacials, chemical peels, CO2 and erbium laser resurfacing, and topical treatments like retinoids.  Of course, prevention is critical with liberal use of sunscreens and sun avoidance.  Rosacea usually responds to IPL photofacials and topical treatments.  Melasma is very difficult to treat and show some improvement with topical medications and laser and IPL treatments.  Both rosacea and melasma are chronic conditions that cannot be cured, just controlled.   Cellulite is another very bothersome condition that there is no cure for.  It can be improved with laser and radiofrequency treatments as well as liposuction procedures for excess fat.  Excess fat has many new exciting treatments including smartlipo laser liposuction, vaser ultrasonic liposuction, coolsculpting and zerona laser.  Unwanted hair responds well to IPL and laser treatments and hair loss to hair transplantation procedures. Cosmetic dermatology is an exciting field that is constantly offering new procedures.  Procedures can also be combined for even better effects.  A good cosmetic dermatology practice is led by a physician who strives to keep up with the latest treatments and continues his education.  He constantly trains his staff and strives to introduce the best procedures for his patients.   He will not introduce a new technology or product until he is sure of its safety and effectiveness.  He is also available to treat any potential side effects or complications. Click here for more about Cosmetic Dermatology.  …

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Texas Botox

Texas Botox at Beleza Medspa Austin TX Are you looking for a good provider of Botox in Texas?  Beleza Medspa with offices in Austin, Round Rock and Cedar Park TX is the practice for you.  We are certified by Allergan as Diamond injectors, the top 10% of all injectors in Texas and Beleza Medspa has more than 12 years Botox injecting experience and personally trains and supervises his staff.  Beleza Medspa injectors are skilled in treating frown lines, forehead lines, crows feet, smile lines, lip lines and chin dimples.   We are also experienced in liquid facelifts that combine Botox with dermal fillers like Juvederm and Radiesse.  Beleza medspa is also a full-service cosmetic surgery and cosmetic dermatology practice offering procedures like smartlipo laser liposuction, DOT therapy laser resurfacing, photofacials, Zerona, Coolsculpting and much more!  Just ask for a free consultation! We have some of the most competitive Texas Botox prices!   Every Tuesday we have Botox Tuesdays with unlimited discounted Botox.  We also have frequent specials and events as well as we participate in the Brilliant Distinctions rebate program.  Make the trip to Austin, Round Rock or Cedar Park and enjoy the beautiful city and get your Botox expertly injected at great prices!…

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Austin Medspa

Looking for an Austin Medspa? Beleza Medspa was founded  in 2007,  It has now grown to 5 locations and is one of the largest Austin Med Spas.  With offices in Downtown Austin, Killeen, Round Rock and Cedar Park, Beleza Medspa is never far from you!  Beleza Medspa specializes in cosmetic surgery and dermatology procedures.  Plastic Surgeon Dr Staci Hix-Hernandez MD performs plastic surgery procedures like smartlipo laser liposuction, tummy tucks, fat transfer and breast augmentation.  We are one of the leaders in Botox, Juvederm, Laser Hair Removal, Photofacials, Medical Weight Loss, and Coolsculpting in the Austin area. What exactly is a Med Spa? A medspa is a unique combination of a medical practice and a spa.  It is designed to offer spa services like facials, waxing and massage as well as medical services like Botox, laser hair removal, chemical peels and photofacials.  All of this is done under the supervision of a physician which should insure your safety.  You should expect a higher level of customer service as well as a more up-scale environment over a traditional physician office.  Pricing of procedures should be readily available as well as frequent specials and discounts.  …

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Best Botox Day in Austin

Botox Day Are you looking for the Best Botox Day in Austin?  Well Beleza Medspa in Austin is the answer.   We are rated diamond injectors by Allergan, the maker of Botox.  This means we are one of the top injectors of Botox in the United States!  But doing a lot of Botox doesn’t mean we are the Best Botox Cosmetic Day in Austin.  The person who performs the Botox injection is actually the most critical part of the process.  Here too, Beleza Medspa has you covered.  Beleza Medspa has been injecting Botox for more than 12 years and have personally trained all of their staff of injectors.  Unlike many other facilities, the injectors at Beleza Medspa are trained to understand the underlying facial anatomy.  Injecting Botox requires detailed knowledge of the facial muscles that cause wrinkles.  With this understanding, the Botox can be placed for maximum effect and duration. Botox Cosmetic Day So does this make us the Best BotoxCosmetic Day in Austin?  Well, there is the Botox cost too.  Beleza Medspa has been one of the market leaders in Austin to offer low cost Botox and frequent Botox specials.  We created Botox Tuesdays where you can get discounted Botox every Tuesday!  Plus we participate in the Brilliant Distinctions rebate program which gets you even more discounts from Allergan.  So thats why we are the best Botox in Austin: experienced and well trained injectors, high volume and great Botox prices!  Come in for your free Botox Near Me consultation and see why we can say we are the Best Botox Day in Austin!…

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