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Men want to look good too.  Whether for work, a dating profile, or just for self-confidence, men feel the same pressure as women to look younger and better.  Men spend countless hours at the gym in this pursuit. However, men do not have the same tolerance or patience for hassles and high prices when trying to get aesthetic services.  Now there is an Austin MenSpa to help men get the services like Coolsculpting, Botox and Hair Transplant that they want without the bother.

Broderma: Male Aesthetic Procedures & Plastic Surgery for Men

Broderma Mens’s Clinic & MenSpa was created especially to provide a hassle free and male oriented aesthetic clinic just for men.   No more sitting around with a bunch of women, looking at flowers and pink.  No more feeling like you shouldn’t be there.

Broderma focuses on aesthetic and plastic surgery procedures specifically tailored for men.  These procedures were selected for their bang for the buck, as well as having less downtime and faster recoveries.  Broderma wants to make looking younger for men as easy as getting a haircut or a shave.

Male Facial Services

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The same factors that age a women’s appearances do the same for men.  Sun damage and collagen loss lead the pack.  Broderma has selected several anti-aging procedures and products that can take years off your appearance and help you easily maintain it.

Botox or Brotox

Botox is a perfect cosmetic solution for men.  It is very effective, relatively cheap, fast and with no downtime.  What can it do for a bro?  Look in the mirror.  Do you look angry and tired?  Botox relaxes the muscles that causes those forehead, frown and squint lines.  It takes 5 minutes to inject painlessly and you can see results in a few days.  No downtime or recovery, just results.  Botox does need to be repeated several times of year but the more you use it, the longer you can go between treatments.  Botox is for you bro.


While you are looking in the mirror bro, do your cheeks look deflated?  As men age, they lose muscle, fat and bone in their faces.  This leads to a loss of volume and an older, tired appearance.  Dermal fillers like Juvederm can easily replace this volume and restore a youthful appearance.  Performed in-office, usually simultaneous with Botox, Juvederm injections are quick with no downtime and little recovery.  You can see almost immediate results that can last for up to a year.


There is nothing like Botox and Juvederm for bang for your facial rejuvenation buck.  But these procedures do little for the surface of your skin.  The Hydrafacial is a procedure that can cleanse, extract and hydrate your skin.  Even better, the Hydrafacial feels good and leaves your skin refreshed and radiating.  Think of hydrafacials as a skin maintenance procedure for bros.

Microneedling and PRP

The real damage to a bro’s skin comes from the sun.  The sun’s ultraviolet rays damage and degrade collagen, the building block of the skin.  This causes the wrinkles, sagging and rough texture.  The good thing is that there are several ways to ramp up your collagen production again.  Microneedling is an in office procedure using tiny surgical needles that painlessly penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin.  These needles cause small wounds in the dermal layer which stimulates new collagen production.   The results take time, but are worth the wait.  For even more bang for your buck, combine Microneedling with PRP.  PRP is derived from a blood sample and provides your own growth and rejuvenation factors to accelerate the microneedling results.  Microneedling is also effective for acne scars.  Bro, need I say more?

Chemical Peels

Visible sun damage can also be removed with chemical peels.  Performed in-office, chemical peels are used to induce a faster turnover of the upper layers of skin.  Within a few days, the sun damaged upper layers are replaced by a smoother, fresher looking skin.

Laser Resurfacing

Some bros have waited too long to deal with their skin or have a history of acne scars or excessive sun damage.  Microneedling with PRP is a good start, but CO2 laser resurfacing may be a better choice.  The fractional CO2 laser drills into the deeper layers of the skin like microneedling to stimulate collagen production. Unlike microneedling, it also heats the skin producing skin tightening and a produces a full facial peel.  CO2 laser resurfacing is performed in-office, but does have downtime (at least a week) and recovery.  But the results of laser resurfacing are unparalleled for the right bros.


Nothing ages a Bro more than a double chin.  Kybella offers an in-office treatment for double chins with little downtime and recovery.  Several quick, painless injections repeated over several months, can visibly reduce a bro’s double chin.  What bro wants a double chin?


Another way for a bro to get collagen stimulation and skin tightening, is through using Ultherapy.  Ultherapy uses ultrasonic energy to heat the deeper layers of the skin and induce skin tightening.  Performed in office, Ultherapy is non invasive and has no downtime or recovery.  Results take several months to see and can be repeated for even better results.

Body Procedures

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Let’s face it, bros spend more time taking care of their bodies than anything else.  Whether it is hours at the gym or eating clean, bros take their bodies seriously.  Broderma offers several procedures (both plastic surgery for men and non surgical) specifically designed to enhance the work you do at the gym.


Nothing makes a bro more frustrated than a belly and/or love handles that ruins his physique. Coolsculpting offers the perfect non invasive and non surgical procedure to reduce stubborn fatty deposits.  Performed in office in as quick as 35 minutes, Coolsculpting safely freezes away unwanted fat.  Over the next several months, the fat cells die and up to a 25% decrease in size is seen.  Coolsculpting is painless and is performed on many body areas including the belly, waist, love handles, arms and chin.  Coolsculpting was made for bros in mind, with no downtime or recovery, just results.

Smartlipo Liposuction

Unlike Coolsculpting, Smartlipo liposuction can actually remove stubborn fatty deposits for good.  Smartlipo is a same day, outpatient men plastic surgery procedure performed while awake, using local anesthesia.  No need to go under.  Bros are back on their feet immediately and can resume normal activities in a few days.  When you leave the procedure, you see your fat in the jar and know your results are coming.  Smartlipo also allows the surgeon to perform body sculpting to further enhance your physique.  Smartlipo was made for bros.

Gynecomastia Surgery

Whether from puberty or use of steroids, many bros are bothered by gynecomastia or man boobs.  Whatever the cause, gynecomastia is a devastating condition for a man.  Broderma offers an easy and safe plastic surgery for men procedure to permanently remove man boobs.  Performed as an outpatient while awake using local anesthesia, gynecomastia surgery is quick and recovery is fast.  Results are seen within several weeks of the procedure.  All bros deserve to take their shirts off in Texas.

Medical Weight Loss

Coolsculpting and liposuction are best for men at or near their ideal body weights.  If a bro has a few extra pounds to lose, Broderma can help too.  Medical weight loss diet  offers safe and effective methods for a bro to lose weight and keep it off.

Hair Loss

Most bros take a lot of pride in their hair.  Losing one’s hair is very disconcerting for a man.  Thankfully, there are now several procedures that can treat hair loss.

PRP Hair Restoration

The same PRP (platelet rich plasma) used during microneedling has also been shown to stimulate hair growth.  Easily performed in office using several small injections, PRP can be used to promote new hair growth in thinning areas.  Although not a permanent cure, PRP hair restoration is easy to repeat and to keep thinning hair growing.

Neograft Hair Transplant

A permanent solution for male pattern baldness is Neograft hair transplant.  Taking hair follicles from hair loss resistant areas, they are transplanted to restore hairlines and fill in balding areas.  It is performed in office under local anesthesia with no big scars, and has little downtime or recovery.  Results take some time to see, but Neograft Hair Transplant offers an unparalleled solution to male pattern hair loss.  Bros, it works!

Hormone Therapy for Men

If your are feeling more tired than usual and your energy level is low, you may have a hormone problem.  Broderma offers hormone testing and bioidentical hormone replacement to help a bro out.

IV Hydration/Nutrition

Coming soon!

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