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Breast Reduction Surgery Procedure

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breast reduction surgery

Why is the breast reduction surgery procedure performed?

Breast reduction surgery procedure is performed to remove excess skin, breast tissue and fat from the breasts.  Some women suffer from excessively large breasts that are disproportionate for their bodies.

Large breasts can cause issues for women like:

  • chronic neck, back and shoulder pain
  • grooves on shoulders from bra straps
  • inability to perform physical activites
  • rash and irritation under breasts
  • poor self-image and social stigmas
  • difficulty fitting into regular clothes

What is the Breast Reduction Surgery Procedure?

Breast reduction (also known as reduction mammaplasty) can be performed for health or aesthetic reasons, or both.  The procedure can be performed as an outpatient and you can go home afterwards.   It is a plastic surgery procedure that requires general anesthesia.   The procedure itself consists of making incisions around the nipples and continuing them towards the breast creases.  These incisions are used to remove skin, fat and breast tissue with the goal of reducing the overall size of the breast.  The breasts will be reshaped and the nipples repositioned to a higher position as necessary.  Ultimately, breast reduction is more about shape and proportion of your breasts, rather than just making them smaller.

What are the types of breast reduction surgery procedure?

There are two main types of breast reduction surgeries depending on the amount of skin, tissue and fat that need to be removed.  For patients who need a moderate reduction and have sagging skin, the Vertical or “Lollipop” Breast Reduction is best.  This procedure involves an incision around the nipple and another one running from the nipple to the breast crease.  This allows  removal of fat and tissue while simultaneously performing a breast lift.  The small vertical scar is easily hid in a bikini.

The Inverted-T or “Anchor” Breast Reduction is for patients that have an excessive amount of tissue and skin that need to be removed.  It has the same scars as the lollipop, but also includes another incision in the breast crease.  This procedure allows maximum reshaping and reduction of the breasts.

Breast Reduction Results

The breast reduction results are immediate.  As the skin, fat and breast tissue have been removed, the breasts will be smaller and have a more pleasing shape.  However, there is a great deal of swelling after the breast reduction surgery procedure that make take months to fully resolve.  So final breast reduction results may require some patience but the overall satisfaction rate with this procedure is very high.

Breast Reduction Before After

Breast Reduction Surgery Recovery

You can go home immediately after your breast reduction to recover.  You will be dressed in a compression bra with the possibility of drains.  You will be walking the night of the procedure and you can shower in 48 hours.  You will need to rest for 1-2 weeks and avoid any physical activity for a month.  After breast reduction surgery, you will experience some pain and swelling.  You will be prescribed pain medication to deal with it.  You will need to come in for follow-up and you will be instructed in the care of your surgical sites.  This is a critical period during your breast reduction recovery that will determine how your procedure turns out and what your scars will look like.

What to expect after breast reduction surgery?

The cosmetic benefits you can expect after breast reduction surgery are many:

  • you will look younger with perkier, firmer breasts
  • your overall figure will be improved with proportionate breasts
  • your nipples will be higher and reduced in size as needed
  • your bras will fit better and be more comfortable
  • your clothes and swimsuits will fit and look much better
  • you will experience a decrease in shirt size
  • you will experience a boost in confidence that you never expected

Breast Reduction Surgery Scars

Scars after the breast reduction surgery procedure are unavoidable.  If you do not want scars, you should not have the procedure.  However, newer techniques seek to minimize scars.  You can expect breast reduction surgery scars around the nipple, running from the nipple to the breast crease and possibly in the breast crease itself.  There are various scar treatments and procedures that can minimize their appearance in the future.

Scarless Breast Reduction

If you do not want the scars from the breast reduction surgery procedure, certain patients may be eligible for a scrless breat reduction.  This procedures utilizes liposuction with skin tightening via radiofrequency treatment.  The liposuction can be combined with Vaser to remove the excess fat and breast tissue.  The liposuction alone will produce a degree of skin tightening and lift.  Radiofrequency energy can then be introduced via Thermi RF to further induce collagen formation and skin tightening.  The great thing is that the scarless breast reduction can be performed under local anesthesia and costs much less than the traditional breast reduction surgery.

Breast Reduction Risks

Just like any surgical procedure, the breast reduction risks include infection, bleeding and scars.  There are also risks involved with general anesthesia.  By doing this as an outpatient, the goal is to get you back on your feet immediately to lower post-surgical risks.  Unique breast reduction risks include nipple numbness, difficulty with breastfeeding and asymmetry of the breasts requiring future procedures.

Breast Reduction Cost

The breast reduction cost depends on the procedure used which requires different amounts of operative time and anesthesia.  Larger breast reductions will be more expensive. The average pricing for a breast reduction based on an American Board of Cosmetic Surgery national survey was  $7,705 – $9,765.

Breast Reduction Insurance

Insurance may cover your breast reduction surgery if your large breasts are causing you health problems.  Your surgeon can help you with documenting these problems.  Many patients get breast reduction without insurance as they are seeking purely cosmetic results.

Breast Reduction Surgery Near Me

Breast reduction surgery is more of an art than a science.  You need an experienced and well-trained plastic surgeon for optimal results.  Plastic surgeon Dr. Staci Hix-Hernandez MD is an expert breast surgeon who spent 7 years performing complex breast reconstruction surgeries at a major teaching hospitals.  She is now at Beleza Medspa offering her skills and creativity to Beleza patients.  Make your free consultation with one of Austin’s top plastic surgeons to discuss your breast reduction surgery near me.

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