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Breast Augmentation at Beleza MedSpa

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Do any of these scenarios sound familiar:  Can’t find a bra that fits, sick of push-up and padded bras, Bombshell bras and bra gap?  Can’t wear strapless dresses, swimsuits or lingerie? Envious of other women who fill out their shirts? Insecure about your breasts and feel like a 12-year-old?  Been waiting for your breasts to come in since puberty? Your once beautiful breasts have been deflated after years of breastfeeding?  Is your body disproportionate with too much butt and too little chest?

If you can identify with any of these situations, breast augmentation with breast implants can offer you a solution. This is not your mom’s breast augmentation anymore.  Implant safety and design, surgical technique and pricing have all dramatically improved.  Breast augmentation can allow you to feel happier about yourself, more confident and less self-conscious. You have always made logical decisions all your life and not what you always wanted.  Choosing to have breast implants is for you and you only!

You probably have been thinking about breast augmentation  for a long time.  Your concerns include what type of breast implants, incision type, cost, pain, size, profile and safety.   This a very personal decision that can have many consequences.  The good thing is that we are here to help you.  During a free consultation, we can answer all your questions and you can discuss with the surgeon the options for size, incision and other procedures.  Dr Dellinger has been performing breast augmentations for more than 17 years.  He is skilled in all types of approaches and can assist you with making the right decisions.

So What Do I Need to Do Before My Consultation?

It’s very important to do your homework!  It is necessary for you to decide what kind of breasts you are looking for.   Look for inspirational pictures of breast shapes and sizes that you like.  These are helpful to guide us in the right direction with your procedure.  The other deciding factor is implant size.  This is where you can have some fun!  We recommend the rice test.   Use some knee-high pantyhose and fill them with rice to simulate breast implants.  1 ounce of rice =30 cc.  Breast implants are measured in ccs.  So you can simulate different size breast implants on your own!  Place them under a tight-fitting sports bra to simulate an under muscle implant insertion.  Wear them for a few days and evaluate not only how they look, but how it feels to carry the extra weight.   This is an easy way to decide on size and rule out what is too small or too large.

Breast Implant Size

Rice Conversion to ccs:

1 cup = 236cc

1/2 cup = 118cc

3/4 cup = 177cc

1/4 cup = 59cc

1/3 cup = 78cc

2/3 cup = 156cc

1/8 cup = 30cc

A cup size in the same bra= approximately 200 cc breast implant

*Please note this is just a way to estimate your size. For example: to increase from an A cup to a B cup may take 200cc of breast implant but a full B cup may require 250cc. If you are a full B cup and want to enlarge your breast two cup sizes to a D cup then it may take at least 300cc-400cc of breast implant size to achieve that enlargement with a natural breast shape. Of course, if you want to be unnaturally big breasted then even larger implants will be required.  The average implant size is a C cup.

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Breast Implant Alternatives

Breast implants are not for everyone.   Many women do not want a foreign object in their bodies, are concerned about scars and the need for eventual replacement.  Fat transfer offers a reasonable alternative to breast implants.  Fat is a natural part of breasts, easy to harvest and most of us have some extra!  Fat transfer is best for breasts that have some room to contain the fat.  The living fat cells need some room to survive in their new home.  Breasts that have deflated after weight loss or breastfeeding are ideal.  The fat transfer can refill the breasts up to a cup size. It is normal for some of the transferred fat to not take and some volume will be lost.  Refills of fat down the road are always possible until desired results are achieved.   Fat does not hold its shape like an implant so it cannot change the shape or profile of the breast.  Women wanting more than a cup size increase or a change in shape should choose breast implants.  Fat transfer also does not replace the need for a breast lift.

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