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Bra Rolls

Bra Rolls TreatmentKybella Brabella

Bra rolls or back rolls are those annoying rolls of fat that stick out under the bra.  Many women describe that they cannot wear a bra, as it appears their breasts continue around to their back. There are several different types of bra rolls.  There is the area under the arm that spreads to the posterior shoulder. There are the lower bra rolls that hang out under the bra.  Typically these areas connect and make it difficult to wear tight fitting clothes.

Bra rolls  are easily treated under local anesthesia using smart liposuction.  The entire side of the body from the waist to the armpit can be treated at once for best results.  This gives an overall slimmer appearance.  Typically, the skin in this area will shrink after the liposuction.  Anterior bra rolls can be also treated with Kybella or “Brabella“.

Vaser Liposuction

Vaser ultrasonic liposuction is ideal for bra roll liposuction.  Bra roll fat tends to be very hard and fibrous.  The ultrasonic energy generated during vaser liposuction is ideal in breaking up fibrous bra roll fat.


An alternative to liposuction is Coolsculpting.  Non invasive and not requiring anesthesia, Coolsculpting can reduce bra rolls in one in-office treatment.


Now the injectable Kybella can be used to treat anterior bra rolls.  Several treatment sessions spaced 4-6 weeks apart, can safely dissolve anterior bra rolls.

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