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Botox Austin Specials

botox austinLooking for Botox Austin Specials?

There are many practices advertising Botox specials in Austin.  How do you choose?  How do you know if they are real?

Botox Cost

There is only one manufacturer of Botox in the U.S., Allergan.  Allergan sells Botox to doctors for a fixed price.  Everyone pays the same price.  The practices then mark up the Botox price to include the salary of the injector, the facilities, the insurance, the marketing and maybe a little profit.   Remember the Botox price includes the fee to inject it.   This leads to a Botox price of anywhere from $11-18 a unit.

Botox Deals

There are many too good to be true Botox deals out there including Groupon.  If the Botox price is less than half the usual Botox cost, then its most likely the Botox is from the black market. Illegally obtained Botox cannot be guaranteed for safety or results.  The other thing to look out for with these Botox deals is who is injecting the Botox?  Who is the doctor in charge?  What happens if something goes wrong?  Do they have the expertise to give me good results and recommend complementary procedures and products?

Brilliant Distinctions

Allergan sponsors a program to reward regular users of Botox, Juvederm and Skinmedica products.  It is definitely advantageous to join Brilliant Distinctions as you can earn rewards every time you spend!

Botox Austin Specials @Beleza Medspa

Beleza Medspa has been providing Botox Austin Specials since 2007.  Some of our most popular ways to save:

Botox Tuesdays

New patients get a free Skinmedica Retinol with their Botox Tuesdays.  The $60 retinol will make your Botox results even better!

Essential Packages

Botox injections are just a small part of the facial rejuvenation puzzle.  Beleza has assembled essential packages designed to give you maximum results for your money.  They include Juvederm injections, IPL photofacials, laser resurfacing and Skinmedica Skin Care products.

Beleza Babe VIP Program

So you just want discounted Botox prices all year-long?  Join our VIP program for a small fee (you get back in free products) and we will reward your loyalty with discounted Botox prices for a year!

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