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Botox Brow Lift

What is the Botox Brow Lift?

The position of the eyebrows are critical to how are faces are perceived by others. “A younger brow has a lower central brow (near your nose), the arch is lateral (at the edge of your pupil), and the tail is elevated. An older brow has less of an arch and tends to be straighter and less curved throughout,”explains NYC-based plastic surgeon Dr. Melissa Doft.  As we age, the lateral or tail-end of the brow tends to droop making the face appear older.  The Botox Brow Lift can change this.

A surgical brow lift aims to lift the brow, opening the eye and giving a more youthful appearance.  Non surgically, Botox injections can be used to produce the same effect without the expense, downtime and risks of surgery.  Specifically, Botox can be carefully placed to relax some of the muscles of the forehead that depress the brow.  This allows the muscles that elevate the brow to produce a brow lift.

The great thing about the Botox Brow Lift is that it is very easy to perform, has no downtime and it will go away if you don’t like it.  It is even adjustable if you get too much…

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CoolSculpting Cedar Park

Looking for Coolsculpting in Cedar Park TX?

Beleza Medspa has been performing Coolsculpting in Cedar Park TX since 2013.  We have successfully treated thousands of Austin, Round Rock and Cedar Park patients with Coolsculpting.

What is Coolsculpting Cedar Park?

Coolsculpting is the revolutionary, non surgical body contouring procedure that was FDA approved to treat love handles in 2010 and the stomach in 2012.  Since then, more than 7,000,000 Coolsculpting treatments have been performed worldwide.

Coolsculpting uses a technology called cryolipolysis or fat freezing.  The Coolsculpting machine freezes the fat in a safe, controlled fashion.  This causes some of the fat cells to die and gradually be removed from the body.  The results are a visible reduction in the fatty areas treated.  The great thing about Coolsculpting is that it is non invasive, with no anesthesia required, and can be performed comfortably, in office.  There is little to no downtime and results can be seen in several months.

Top Coolsculpting Questions & Answers

What Body Areas can be Treated at Coolsculpting Cedar Park?

The Coolsculpting procedure is now FDA approved for 9 body areas.  These include the chin and jawline (double chin), abdomen, love handles (flanks), inner thighs, outer thighs (saddlebags), upper arms, bra rolls, back fat and…

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Safe Lipo or Safe Liposuction


What is Safe Lipo or Safe Liposuction?

Safe Lipo is a standard liposuction procedure marketed as a new combination of liposuction techniques.  It basically involves three steps: “disrupting” or “separating” the fat, “aspirating” or “suctioning” the fat, and finally “smoothing” or “equalizing” the fat.  These techniques have been a part of liposuction for more than twenty years and have been utilized by Beleza surgeons for more than a decade.  In fact, Beleza Medspa incorporates all of these techniques into all of its Smart Liposuction procedures.

What is Tumescent Anesthesia?

This is absolutely the most important part of any liposuction procedure whether Safe Lipo or Smartlipo.  It involves the infusion of a salt water solution containing the anesthetic lidocaine and a drug called epinephrine (like in Epipens).  The tumescent anesthesia does four main things.  One, the fluid expands the fat cells and pushes all other structures out of the way so there is room to safely remove the fat.  Two, the fat is solid and the liquid tumescent anesthesia allows the fat to be easily suctioned away.  Three, the lidocaine numbs the fat layer (more than 12 hours) so the procedure can be performed comfortably and safely awake.  Four, the epinephrine constricts the blood…

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Beleza Receives AAAHC Accreditation Through 2022!

Beleza Medspa Reaccredited After Two Day Inspection

On January 21-22, 2019, Beleza Medspa Cedar Park, underwent a two day, on-site survey to continue its Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC) certification.  Beleza Medspa is accredited specifically as an Office Based Surgery Suite (OBS).  The survey included an intensive survey by an outside AAAHC consultant who observed several surgeries, reviewed hundreds of pages of policies, interviewed Beleza staff and inspected equipment and the facility.  Beleza Medspa was initially accredited by AAAHC in 2013 and reaccredited in 2016.

Beleza Medspa staff spent months preparing for the survey including revising policies, holding emergency drills and performing quality improvement studies.  AAAHC accreditation requires continual evaluation by management to ensure safe, high quality care is being provided to patients.

Why AAAHC Accreditation?

The Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC) was founded in 1979 to:

“encourage and assist ambulatory health care organizations to provide the highest achievable level of care for recipients in the most efficient and economically sound manner. AAAHC accomplishes this by the operation of a peer-based assessment, consultation, education and accreditation program.”

Beleza Medspa attains AAAHC accreditation on a voluntary basis as a sign to patients that we provide safe, high quality health care. The AAAHC certificate…

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Liposuction 360

What is Liposuction?

Basically, liposuction is the suctioning of excess fat from the body.  But that is an over simplification of what liposuction really is.  Liposuction is actually an artistic, body sculpting procedure designed to produce more aesthetically pleasing body contours.  The surgeon uses the liposuction instruments to carefully and skillfully remove excess fat to reveal new curves and profiles.  So, in the pursuit of liposuction results, the creative and artistic abilities of the surgeon are as important as their training.

What is Liposuction 360?

Like most sculptures, the body is 3 dimensional.  This means that treating one area, actually requires treating the neighboring areas to produce the best results.  For instance, let’s look at the waist.  You could just treat the abdomen and get a smaller waist.  But to really get the smaller, tighter waist (snatched), one would also need to treat the love handles and the back too.  This all-around liposuction, or liposuction 360 (lipo 360) will give the patient the results possible.

So liposuction 360 involves circular liposuction around the body areas treated.  Liposuction 360 is critical in areas like the waist, arms and thighs, where the fat is contained in tight compartments.  The thing to know about these areas, is…

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Austin Plastic Surgeon Staci Hix-Hernandez Austin Top Doc Again!






Beleza Medspa’s own Austin Plastic Surgeon Dr. Staci Hix-Hernandez MD has been selected an Austin Monthly Top Doctor again for 2019! This why we consider Dr. Hix-Hernandez one of the Top Plastic Surgeons in Austin.

Dr. Hix-Hernandez leads Beleza Medspa’s Plastic Surgery department and operates out of our AAAHC accredited surgery suite in Cedar Park.  She specializes in Tummy Tucks, Breast Augmentations, Breast Lifts, Breast Reductions, Gynecomastia Surgery, Liposuction, Fat Transfer including Brazilian Butt Lifts and Mommy Makeovers.

Contact us now for your free consultation with Austin Plastic Surgeon Dr. Hix-Hernandez to discuss your Cosmetic Surgery needs.


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Dispelling Botox Myths

Botox Cosmetic has been around for more than 10 years now and has been injected hundreds of millions of times.  It has an unparalleled safety record.  Most people are pretty familiar with it and what it does.  However, there are still many myths about Botox.  Let’s look at some Botox myths:

Botox Works Immediately

Some patients will see effects from their Botox in 1-2 days, but most patients require 1-2 weeks for full effect.  Nobody will see an immediate result from Botox injections.

Botox Fills Wrinkles

Botox relaxes the muscles of facial expression that cause wrinkles.  Dermal fillers like Juvederm are needed in conjunction with Botox to fill wrinkles.  When used together, Botox and Juvederm can completely erase many lines and wrinkles.

Botox is all I Need

Botox is just one component of facial rejuvenation which also includes volume replacement with dermal fillers and collagen stimulation with microneedling, laser resurfacing, and products like retin-a.  Using Botox alone will leave you with less than optimal results.

Botox is not for Men

Botox works great in both men and women.  Men get the same wrinkles as women and greatly benefit from Botox injections.  Men tend to have bigger and stronger facial muscles, and usually require more units of Botox.

Some Practices…

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How to prevent bruising after Botox and Dermal Fillers?

Unfortunately, anytime a needle is used there is a risk of bruising afterwards.  When Botox and/or dermal fillers like Juvederm are injected, sometimes the needle may nick a small blood vessel.  This may produce a small bruise that will resolve on its own.  However, there are some things we can do to prevent this annoying side effect.

Experienced Injectors

Look for an injector that has a great deal of experience with injectables like Botox and Juvederm.  They have seen the complications like bruising and know how to avoid them.  But even the best injector will still sometimes get some bruising!

Avoid Certain Medications

Any medications that you are taking that interfere with your body’s ability to clot, can lead to bruising no matter how careful the injector is.  These include medications like Aspirin, Vitamin E, St. John’s Wort, Coumadin, Heparin, and Fish Oil.  If you are taking some of these supplements on your own, we would advise holding them for at least a week before your injections.  If your are taking them under the direction of a physician, please discuss holding them first with your provider.


Certain supplements are commonly used to prevent bruising.  These include Arnica Montana and Bromelain.  They are both easy to…

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Top Questions About Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant has come a long way since when it was developed in the 50s.  The days of “plugs” and “strips” have been replaced by new techniques and new technology.  Beleza Medspa offers experienced Neograft hair transplant technicians, low hair transplant costs and Neograft hair transplant technology.  We believe we offer some of the best hair transplant in Texas.  Let’s look at some of the top questions and answers about hair transplant.

Does hair transplant work?
Yes!  Hair transplant basically involves moving hair follicles from one area of the scalp to another.   It is commonly used to treat male pattern baldness.  Male pattern baldness primarily affects the top and sides of the scalp and causes those hair follicles to go dormant.  Men with male pattern baldness usually present with a receding hairline.  The cause of male pattern baldness is genetics and the hormone testosterone.
The interesting thing about male pattern baldness, is that genetically resistant hair follicles remain in men with hair loss.  These hair follicles are usually present on the back and sides of the scalp.  Hair transplantation involves harvesting these resistant hair follicles and transplanting them to bald areas.  These resistant hair follicles are able to permanently produce hair in bald areas of…

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Liposuction: Top Questions and Answers

Beleza Medspa has provided liposuction procedures to thousands of patients in the Austin area, for more than 10 years.  We have assembled some of the most common questions asked by our patients:

What is the Liposuction Definition & Liposuction Meaning

Is Liposuction Surgery

What is the Liposuction Procedure like

What areas of the body can be treated with Liposuction

What kind of anesthesia is used for Liposuction

What are the Liposuction Scars like

What is Smart Liposuction

What is the Liposuction Cost

What is the Liposuction Recovery

What are the Liposuction Side Effects

What are the Liposuction Risks

Do you have Liposuction Before and After

Where do I find Liposuction Near Me

What is the Liposuction Definition & Liposuction Meaning?

Liposuction basically means the suctioning of fat from the body.  It is typically used for cosmetic reasons to remove fat from areas  that are resistant to diet and exercise.

Is Liposuction Surgery?

Yes. Surgery is a field of medicine where the physician performs a procedure to produce a change in the body.  Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery procedure used to remove excess fat and produce body contouring.

What is the Liposuction Procedure like?

The safest way to perform liposuction, is while awake using local, tumescent anesthesia.  Prior to starting the liposuction, a salt water solution containing lidocaine is injected…

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