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Beleza MedSpa Southwest

Beleza MedSpa Southwest

medical spa austin We love working in the Southwest Austin location because it’s such a beautiful place. It always feels like stepping into a small town, even though we’re not far from the downtown area. This makes it the perfect place to offer you the sense of relaxation you deserve. The pace of life here is slow, and if the greater Austin area has a laid-back character it’s still a busy urban area where we’re all living stressful urban lifestyles.

We love our facility here as well. Our Southwest facility reflects the character of this stately Austin neighborhood, making it the perfect place to offer you a sense of quiet relaxation as you take advantage of all of our spa services. Take a look at some of our photographs to see what you can expect when you visit us!

Nearby Relaxation Spots

Beleza Medical Spa isn’t the only great spot to relax when you’re here. We’re very close to the Slaughter Creek Trail, which is a great place to go biking or even to enjoy some horseback riding. If you’d rather take a leisurely stroll or even enjoy some swimming and rock climbing you should check out the Barton Creek Wilderness Park, which is also very close. Healthy exercise is both a great stress reduction technique and a great way to maintain a healthy weight, so we encourage you to check out these spots as soon as you get a chance.

If retail therapy is a bit more your speed we’re also very close to the Barton Creek Square Shopping Center. Once you’ve finished your liposuction or other weight loss treatment it might be time to get yourself a new outfit, or you might just want to treat yourself to a relaxing bubble bath with something from Bath and Body Works. And if you choose to treat yourself by stepping into the Godiva Chocolatier, well, your secret is safe with us! Just make sure you’re not on one of our special medical weight loss diets, first.

Conditions to Watch Out ForIMG_0286

Austin routinely suffers from very high or even extreme UV indexes, and our Southwest location certainly isn’t immune. Make sure you’re wearing plenty of sunscreen, even if you’re not planning on “sunbathing” or tanning.

Too much UV exposure can make your face acquire wrinkles faster, dry out your skin, and can of course put you at risk for sunburns, sun poisoning, or even skin cancer. We may have lucked out with decent traffic and air quality here, but you can’t escape the sun. If you’ve been neglecting this vital advice most of your life just ask us about our anti-aging or skin rejuvenation treatments. We can help you reverse some of the damaging effects of these incredibly strong UV rays.


OIMG_0285ur Southwest location is conveniently located on William Cannon Dr. near Escarpment Blvd.

6001 West William Cannon Drive, Suite 201, Austin, TX 78741

(512) 328-0333

Call us for an appointment any time. We’re happy to help you look great, feel good about yourself, and manage your stressful urban lifestyle. We even offer free consultations.