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Beleza Medspa Policies

Clinic Policies

  1. A PHYSICIAN ASSISTANT, Nurse practitioner, NURSE, MEDICAL ASSISTANT OR AESTHETICIAN THAT HE HAS TRAINED & SUPERVISES MAY PERFORM YOUR PROCEDURE.  You have the right to refuse treatment and change providers at any time.  These are elective cosmetic procedures and alternative treatments are available.  Not every procedure is available at every Beleza office, but we do offer consultations for all procedures.
  2. Beleza MedSpa does not offer any refunds for services rendered under any circumstances. If you choose to discontinue treatment, prepayments for unused services will be returned upon request, less any outstanding balance. Payment is required prior to the procedure being performed.  You have a right to know the prices for procedures before they are performed.
  3. Beleza Medspa does not make any guarantee of results from or satisfaction with procedures. Please make sure to discuss your expectations as well as recovery and complications with your provider. Many of these procedures have side effects and complications that Beleza cannot prevent or predict.  Please  read the consent forms carefully and ask questions.
  4. Except in the case of a verifiable allergic reaction, no refunds or exchanges are offered for opened products. Unopened products may be exchanged within one month of their purchase, but no refunds are available.
  5. Not everyone is a candidate for every procedure we offer. if you are not, you will be offered a comparable service or refunded your money.  We apologize for your inconvenience but your safety & outcome are our top priority.
  6. Payment for services is due at the time of the visit. We do not accept personal checks.  We do accept cash, credit cards and we offer Carecredit financing.  Bounced checks, stop payments & chargebacks do not release you from financial responsibility for your purchases.
  7. An appointment cancellation with less than 24 hours notice is considered a no-show. no-shows cause Beleza significant financial losses in lost productivity and payroll.  As a result, patients who have one or more no-shows will be required to leave a credit card on file for future visits.  Any subsequent no-shows will be assessed a $50 no-show charge.  If you no-show for a visit of pre-purchased procedures, you will forfeit that missed procedure.