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Looking for Austin Plastic Surgery?

The process of selecting the right procedure and the right Austin plastic surgeon can be confusing and scary. We are bombarded with new procedures, advertisements, miracle cures and even worse, bad plastic surgery. Where does one start?  The good news is that the internet now gives you access to a wealth of information about cosmetic plastic surgery.  You can research the procedures available and read the experiences of actual patients. It is important to not try every new procedure before they have had some time to work the kinks out.   Check out patient reviews, the company websites as well as the practice websites. Compare each procedure with other procedures as well as between practices.

austin plastic surgeryNon Surgical Procedures

Plastic surgery procedures run the gamut from full-blown surgery to comfortable, noninvasive procedures.   Today’s patients are less tolerant of big scars, crazy prices, downtime, pain and unnatural results.  More and more plastic surgery patients are even less crazy about the risks of general anesthesia or ‘going under’.   The market has responded and there are an increasing number of less invasive and nonsurgical procedures.  Skin can be tightened with heat via radiofrequency and laser applied outside of the body.  Fat can be reduced by using laser energy and freezing it with cryolipolysis or Coolsculpting.

Tumescent Anesthesia

Even invasive procedures like liposuction, tummy tucks, fat transfer and breast augmentation have evolved to be safer.  Tumescent anesthesia which involves the use of a lidocaine solution injected under the skin, has revolutionized cosmetic plastic surgery.  Patients can now stay safely awake during their procedures and completely eliminate the risk of general anesthesia.  Tumescent anesthesia also reduces infection and bleeding risks and allows the patient to have a faster, and less painful recovery.

Austin Plastic Surgery Center

Beleza Med Spa Austin one of the leading providers of both cosmetic surgery and nonsurgical and noninvasive procedures in the Austin area.  Beleza Med Spa has always strived to provide the most effective procedures at the best prices.  We have been pioneers in performing procedures under local anesthesia, which lowers the risk as well as the price of the procedure.  Beleza Medspa surgeons have performed more than 3000  Smartlipo Liposuction procedures under tumescent anesthesia.  They have also performed numerous tummy tucks, fat transfer and gynecomastia procedures all under local anesthesia.   The Beleza Medspa staff are also experienced in Coolsculpting, Venus Freeze, Weight Loss Diets and many other body contouring procedures. Beleza Med Spa is your one stop office offering the safety, effectiveness and value for your money that you are looking for.  Consultations are always free and we can discuss all of your plastic surgery needs.

Austin Plastic Surgeon

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr Staci Hix-Hernandez MD is an expert at plastic procedures including Liposuction, Brazilian Butt Lifts, Tummy Tucks, Breast Lifts, Breast Augmentation, and Mommy Makeovers.  Contact us today for your free plastic surgery consultation.

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