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Looking for Liposuction in Austin TX?

Making the decision to have liposuction performed is a difficult one.  There are many different practitioners out there making all kinds of promises.  As liposuction has become more popular, the choices have increased and competition has decreased prices.  There are many new technologies available as well as clinical settings (clinics, Surgery centers, hospitals,etc.) to have it performed.  This article is designed to help you with some of these choices.

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Liposuction Artistry

The first thing to know about liposuction, is that it is more of an artistic pursuit than an a scientific one.  Anybody can be trained to perform liposuction, which is basically just vacuuming fat from the body.  That part is easy. However, trying to produce consistent, aesthetically pleasing results is the difficult part.  Removing fat in the right places and in the proper amounts, differentiates good results from mediocre results. Liposuction when you come down to it, is body sculpting. The surgeon has to visualize the body shape and contours that are obscured by the fat.  He or she then has to meticulously remove fat slowly and expertly to reveal the new body shape.   These skills come from years of experience and cannot be taught.  The surgeon has to possess the hand eye coordination as well as a creative streak.  That’s why it is important to meet your surgeon and listen to his or her vision of what can be done with your body.  It is that vision that you need to be on board with.  Before and after pictures can also help you judge the surgeon’s abilities.  Unfortunately, these skills cannot be taught during Plastic Surgery residency.  Plastic Surgeons are taught the basic mechanical skills but the creativity has to be there beforehand.  There is a great deal of bad plastic surgery out there and it is being performed by board certified plastic surgeons.  Choose your Cosmetic Surgeon or Plastic Surgeon carefully based on his or her skills, vision and results.  Nobody can sculpt a masterpiece 100% of the time.  You want to know that your surgeon will try his best to give you the results you want and stand by you if you need further work or have complications.

Liposuction Technology

Another decision point regarding liposuction is the availability of new technologies.  There are many laser, radiofrequency, and ultrasonic devices out there.  The main thing to know about these devices are that they are just tools.  They can improve liposuction results but they are not a substitute for a skilled surgeon.  So as we discussed above, just like a good sculptor, a skilled liposuction surgeon will choose the right instruments to produce the ideal results.  Choose the surgeon first and then discuss the technologies available to assist your procedure.  Common technologies available include Smartlipo Laser Liposuction and Vaser Ultrasonic Liposuction.

Liposuction Facilities

Where should you have your liposuction performed?   Liposuction is an elective cosmetic surgery procedure.  You do not want to be in a facility with sick people as the risk of infections and mistakes increases. You want a facility that is dedicated to plastic surgery and is nationally accredited.  This ensures your safety as well as decreased rates of complications.  A physician owned surgery suite also can save you money as extra facility and anesthesia fees are avoided.

Liposuction Anesthesia

You should also look for liposuction that is performed under tumescent anesthesia.  Tumescent anesthesia involves use of the local anesthetic lidocaine to numb the areas to be treated.  The advantage of this is that general anesthesia is avoided, which is riskier and costlier than liposuction itself.  Plus, only the skin and fat where we are working is numbed.  Everything deeper like muscles, organs, etc. still have sensation.  As you are awake during the procedure, you are self-monitoring and protecting all of your important structures from harm. When the liposuction is complete, you are still numb and are back on your feet immediately.  This ability to resume normal activities further decreases your risk of postoperative complications.

Austin Liposuction Surgery

Cosmetic Surgeon Lawrence Broder MD  and Plastic Surgeon Staci Hix-Hernandez MD at Beleza Medspa Austin TX are skilled Austin liposuction surgery artists. They have performed more than 3000 individual Smartlipo procedures.  They possess the basic surgical skills as well as the artistic eye to give you the body contouring results you desire.  The Beleza surgical team will guide you through the whole process.  They stand by their results and allows you to be the ultimate judge of the success of your procedure.   They perform liposuction using the latest technologies including Smartlipo Laser Liposuction and Vaser Ultrasonic Liposuction.  They know how to apply these devices to improve your results.  They operate out of their own 3200 sq ft AAAHC accredited office based surgery suite in Cedar Park.  This saves you money as well as provides you a higher level of safety. They perform all of their procedures under local anesthesia and are also skilled in many fat transfer and tummy tuck procedures.  Consultations with Dr Broder and Dr. Hix-Hernandez  are always free to discuss your body contouring needs.

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Liposuction Recovery

Liposuction vs Tummy Tuck


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