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Age Management Austin

So what is anti-aging and age management? What does it really mean? It is more than getting some procedures done or taking some pills. It literally encompasses every ounce of your being and how you approach your life. We all share one inescapable reality that we will all continuously age and eventually pass on. We start out with a random set of genes from our parents that dictate a lot of what will happen during our lives. But along the way we make choices that will effect the expression of these genes as well as how we will age. These are the variables we can control to some degree that can not only extend our lives, but make us look and feel better along the way.

Some easy choices include not doing things that we know will harm us. Smoking has no place in a healthy life and negatively affects everyone around you. Cigarettes destroy your body from the inside out. Overconsumption of alcohol or food can be just as deleterious. Obesity prematurely ages your body and related diseases like diabetes directly shortens it. The sun and tanning feel good but prematurely ages our skin and increases the risk of cancer. Exposure to pollutants, whether in the home or the environment, harms our metabolism and is potentially carcinogenic.

A frequently ignored contributor of aging is stress. We all have some stress in our lives that helps us to be efficient. However, we all need an outlet to relieve excess stress. Ignoring this basic concept of life leads to the destructive behaviors listed above as an outlet.

So what are some things we can do to age gracefully?

  1. Have a positive attitude about life and its possibilities.
  2. Exercise! Get your heart rate up to a point where you sweat and are out of breath at least 3x a week. This is a natural stress reducer and antidepressant, will control you weight, will protect you from many diseases and cancers, will force the expression of anti-aging genes and will make you look and feel great! And it’s free and safe!
  3. Eat mostly organic fruits and vegetables for at least 80% of your meals. Organic fruits and veggies avoid the pesticides.  Plus, plants are full of nutrients, and a low calorie option that feeds your body what it really needs.
  4. Cultivate the relationships in your life. Social interactions lead to healthier, longer lives.
  5. Wear sunscreen and hats.
  6. Take supplements. There is a lot of evidence of the benefits of many different supplements to ward off disease and aging.
  7. Pick and choose, under a physician’s guidance, the products and procedures that will improve your appearance and promote slow aging, so your outward appearance can match your great attitude! Remember, people will think you look young based on how you act as much as how you look.