TUBA Breast Augmentation in Austin, TX

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Look and Feel Great With TUBA Breast Augmentation

Beleza Medspa is proud to offer transumbilical breast augmentation (TUBA) for its patients. Utilizing the same safe local anesthetic used in our popular SmartLipo procedures, saline breast implants can be inserted through a small, umbilical scar.

So why do this instead of traditional breast augmentation?

  1. You avoid the risk and recovery of general anesthesia, which is far more dangerous than the surgery itself.  We do give you oral or IV sedatives to keep you nice and relaxed.
  2. Since you are awake during this procedure, we can sit you up and you can check size and placement!  No post-op surprises!
  3. We make an approximately 1.5 inch scar that is concealed in the belly button.  There are no hideous scars around the nipple or under the breast!  Just larger, natural-looking breasts!
  4. The use of saline implants avoids any risk of silicone reactions.  The implants can be placed under the breast or under the muscle.

Note – We also offer natural breast augmentation with fat transfer.

Transumbilical Breast Augmentation in Austin

So how does this transumbilical breast augmentation (TUBA) work?

A saline solution containing the local anesthetic lidocaine and epinephrine (to constrict blood vessels) is infiltrated from the belly button in a tract towards each breast.  The breasts themselves are also numbed with the same solution.  An incision is then made in the belly button, and a long instrument is introduced through the tract into the breast.

The instruments are then used to develop a pocket either under the breast tissue or the pectoralis muscle.  Once an adequate pocket has been developed to properly hold each implant, breast sizers (empty implants) are inserted through a tube into each breast and inflated with air.  This is done to check the size of the pocket.  The sizers are then removed and any adjustments to the pockets are perfomed.

The implants are then inserted through a tube into each breast and filled with saline.  The patient can then be sat up so they can check the size and adjustments can be made as necessary.  At the completion of the procedure, the incision is sutured closed and a small dressing is applied.  The patient has little-to-no recovery and goes home numb!

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