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Brazilian Butt Lift Austin TX

Brazilian Butt Lift

Butt Lift Under Local Anesthesia Starting at $2999! 

  • Wish you had a perkier and more shapely butt  you could show off in a bikini, body-hugging skirt or jeans?
  • Tired of having a flat butt your entire life or have you noticed that your bottom has starting sagging with age or weight loss?

Genetics do not always endow some women with round, curvaceous buttocks.  The truth of the matter is, sometimes no matter how much you work out, you will not get the butt you desire.  If this is your situation, then you may be a candidate for butt augmentation through fat transfer.

Transfer unwanted fat to your butt (where you want it)!

A procedure that kills two birds with one stone. Take unwanted fat from areas of your body and then transfer that fat into your butt where you want it.  The Brazilian Butt Lift is ideal for patients who have some excess fat, since there is adequate fat to transfer from the abdomen to the buttocks area.

Brazilian Butt Lift Benefits

  • More flattering figure in clothes and bikinis
  • No foreign objects or buttock implants in your body
  • Toned and trimmed down area (of donor site)
  • Natural look and feel

How Butt Augmentation Works:

Cosmetic surgeon Lawrence Broder MD will assess the patient’s body to determine the best donor site for harvesting fat. Typically, excess fat is collected from the hips, lower back, thighs or abdomen. Once donor sites are decided upon, Dr. Broder utilizes vaser and power-asisted liposuction to extract excess fat.

After extracting the fat, it will be filtered and processed. Next, through a series of injections, the fat is placed into layers of the buttock’s gluteal muscle and soft tissue, until the desired shape is achieved. Fat grafting must be added in a series of injections to carefully sculpt the buttocks’ contour and fullness profile.

Given that at least thirty percent of fat is dissolved back into the body, Dr. Broder will inject more fat into the buttocks to ensure the shape survives over time. Best results are achieved when fat transfer is repeated at least one more time.

Dr. Broder will also perform body sculpting or liposculpture of the lower back and flanks to further accentuate the new increased profile.   The reduced contour of the back will further accentuate the buttocks, also giving them a rounder shape.

What to Expect From the Brazil Butt Lift:

All buttocks augmentation procedures are outpatient surgery and performed at our state of the art, AAAHC accredited office based surgery suite.  They are performed under oral sedation and local anesthesia. Anesthesia is given around your fat donor site and the buttocks area. Patients are awake during the operation but feel no pain.  You are back on your feet immediately and free to resume normal activities.

Brazilian Butt Lift After Care

After the Brazilian Butt Lift it is normal for swelling and tenderness in the buttocks area to last for several weeks. To help mold your buttocks’ shape and reduce post-operative swelling, Dr. Broder will prescribe patients to wear a compression garment. To rest comfortably while your buttocks heals, we recommend having several body pillows or foam contour pillows on hand so you can sleep comfortably. Most patients resume normal activities and return to work within a few days.

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