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Long-Term Treatment of Spider Veins


Spider veins typically show up as small, blue, purple or reddish blood vessels that are just beneath the skin’s surface primarily on the legs, ankles and face. These little aggravated veins can cause embarrassment and frustration by their presence and when not treated can become more apparent.

Though there is no absolute cause of spider veins, some factors that contribute to the appearance of spider veins include obesity, occupations where lots of standing is required (think teachers, hair stylists, those who work in a factory setting), a family history or spider veins and varicose veins, birth control pills, etc. Spider veins tend to happen to women more than men though both men and women experience spider veins.

Not only are spider veins unappealing to the wearer visually, they also come with bothersome symptoms and contribute to tingling, restlessness, cramping sensations an overall heaviness of the legs. Some of these symptoms can be alleviated by keeping the legs elevated when possible and by wearing support hose and taking the time for physical activity for improved circulation.
Not addressing spider veins can lead to swelling of the area, especially if the irritated veins are located in the ankles. Untreated varicose veins may lead to blood clots, inflammation and an overall darkening of the skin.

Treating spider veins and varicose veins can be done with the help of an experienced vein specialist doctor. A treatment known as “sclerotherapy” is frequently performed to treat spider veins and varicose veins and is done by injecting a sclerosant chemical into the affected vein which causes the vein to close completely and restrict blood to the affected area which eventually results in the disappearance of the aggravated vein.

The sclerotherapy injections are not without any discomfort, and the patient should expect to experience a slight burning sensations in the site of injection as the solution does its job, particularly if there are many veins present that require treatment. Each sclerotherapy session lasts from minutes to around half an hour total depending again on how many spider veins are present and how much surface of the skin they cover.

Post treatment the patient is able to walk normally though it’s recommended that strenuous exercise is avoided for at least a few days and the legs should not be exposed to direct sunlight for a least a couple of weeks. Compression hose may be recommended to help the healing process and should be worn according to doctor’s orders.
Those with spider veins should begin by contacting a vein specialist to discuss how sclerotherapy can be a benefit.…

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Are You Considering Eyelash And Brow Tinting?

Some women have naturally thick eyebrows and long eyelashes – long considered a standard of beauty.

If you’re like most however, you may want a few extras to boost your appearance. Thin eyelashes and brows are common in millions, but old time tested methods are now new again. Eyelash and brow tinting is an option, and this cosmetic procedure provides permanent and instant results.


~Waking up each day looking gorgeous and without having to apply heavy makeup.
~Eliminating the extra monthly costs of over-the-counter cosmetic purchases.

What Is Eye Lash and Brow Tinting Exactly?

Have you ever got a new hair color? Eyelash and brow tinting is similar. In most spas, technicians will use safe and natural hair dyes, which are vegetable-based. With a few minutes of air drying you can enhance your appearance – and carry on with your day.

How It’s Done

To ensure there are no allergic reactions to the dye, the technician will first test it in an inconspicuous area of the skin. Many salons will also use a cotton pad under the eyes to prevent any hair dye getting into the eyes.

The entire procedure will take under half hour to complete.

Eyelash and brow tinting will have a lifespan of a month, and you can go back for touchups as often as you like. Clients can also select between temporary, semi-permanent and permanent dyes in most cases.

In addition, many women will use eyelash and brow tinting to match a new hair color.

The Top Benefits

Eye lash and brow tinting provides a range of benefits including:

~Immediate Results
~It’s Affordable
~It’s Long lasting
~No Recovery Time Needed
~You’ll Feel No Pain

Tips When Opting for Eyelash and Brow Tinting

~Ensure that an experienced hair color or esthetician is used.
~Remove contact lenses before the hair dye is applied.
~Saline drops can be used to rinse the eye after the procedure.
~Ask about keeping a toner handy to wipe away any residues safely.

What Are The Color Options?

These are limitless. Play with colors to enhance your beauty – and eyes, from brown, black, blue-black, chestnut and other neutral looking colors.

Eyelash and brow tinting dates back thousands of years, as women have always found ingenious ways to subtly enhance their eyes – the windows to their soul.

Search for a spa or cosmetic center near you to upgrade your look.…

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A Mini-Tummy Tuck for a Tighter Mid-Section

The stomach region continues to be one of the most common “trouble spots”
for people who are trying to lose weight, get in shape and tone up and it remains one of the most challenging areas to shrink. Women in particularly are prone to sagging tummies post-pregnancy after the skin has been stretched and the abdominal muscles have been separated causing a protruding appearance. As important as regular exercise and a diet high in fiber and low in sodium and sugars are to achieving and maintain a sleek stomach, these efforts don’t always yield the desired results and this can be very frustrating for those who are trying so hard to lose a few inches around their mid sections.


A “mini-tummy tuck” is a popular variation of the ever-popular tummy tuck which are looking to be rid of excess skin on their tummy and tighten their stomach region. A mini-tummy tuck is much like a traditional tummy tuck in that an incision is made to remove excess skin and pull the remaining skin down tighter for a more streamlined appearance. The perfect candidate for a mini-tummy tuck is someone whose main frustrations with their stomach rest just below their belly button and who are in generally good shape otherwise. These ideal patients may have been struggling with a weight loss plateau and are engaged in regular exercise and have a fairly healthy diet, but just can’t seem to get their lower stomach toned up.

The mini-tummy tuck can be performed easily with the help of a local anesthesia which is much less risky than traditional tummy tucks in which a general anesthesia is used. The belly button will not require relocation with a mini-tummy tuck as the loose skin below the belly button is removed and the edges are carefully sewn up.

A mini-tummy tuck provides long-lasting results and the procedure is usually completed within a 2-5 hour time frame depending on the patient’s individual circumstances. Recovery time varies as well but most patients can expect a 2-6 week recovery period before returning to work and a 12 week period in which all strenuous activity should be avoided while the region heals.

No draining is needed with a mini-tummy tuck which is a necessary part of the traditional tummy tuck process. The cost of a mini-tummy tuck is significantly less expensive than a traditional tummy tuck as well though the cost of the procedure will need to be discussed with your doctor beforehand.


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Micrografting for Thinning Hair

Hair transplant procedures have come a long way from the days where a hole punching technique was used to pull hair through small holes in the scalp to insert hair plugs which often resulted in apparent scarring and an unnatural hair pattern. These days, a hair transplant procedure known as “micrografting” creates a much more authentic hair replacement effect for those suffering from hair loss.

Micrografting uses single small strips of hair that are carefully removed from the back of the patient’s head where balding rarely occurs and then grafts these small strips into the scalp where hair loss is apparent. These areas where hair is removed are called “donor” areas and the modern technique may use as many as 4,000 small grafts in one single micrografting session. By taking so many small little hair follicle samples and grafting them in one at a time, the hair line ends up looking and behaving naturally without appearing obvious.

The small follicular units of skin and hair are typically made up of three to four hairs each though different sized grafts will be used to properly cover the needed areas while keeping the look completely natural. The two to three hair graft units are usually placed further back on the head to create denser, thicker hair while the smaller hair grafts are placed up front to mimic the natural growth of hair. Since so much time and care is spent on the micrografting procedure with small units of hair being grafted in one at a time, the results are almost completely undetectable.
Most patients will be given a local anesthesia as a part of the procedure though the grafting process is fairly quick and painless as it is. Some patients will, of course, require a little more time depending on how much hair loss they’ve experienced and how large the treatment area covers.

The recovery post-micrografting is quite mild with patients typically leaving without any need for bandages. Most patients should be able to get by with over the counter pain medications for a couple of nights following treatment to help them sleep more comfortably while the areas around the small stiches heal.

Though an immediate difference can be seen right after the micrografting has taken place, optimal results can be enjoyed after 2-4 months following treatment. This is when the transplanted hair begins to grow in and fill out the area creating a natural, thicker head of hair.…

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Its All in the Waist: Skinny Waist = Bigger Butt!

Brazilian Butt Lift and Smartlipo Liposuction of the Waist.
Many women seeking a bigger butt with the Brazilian Butt Lift are strictly focused on how much fat they can transfer.  They come in asking about the average amount of ccs of fat transferred and ask about the need to gain weight.  The fat transfer portion of the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure is very important.  However, many women are not aware of the even more important body sculpting of the waist.  A properly contoured and smaller waist and back can make any butt look bigger before injecting any fat.
The Relationship of the Waist and Back to Butt Size.
When we look at someones body, we actually judge the size of the buttocks in comparison the size of their back and waist.  Look at celebrity Nicki Minaj.  She does have a large, round butt, but its her tiny waist that really makes it stand out.  Many women who seek the Brazilian Butt Lift have good sized butts, but have large amounts of fat on their waists and backs.  This fat can be almost as large as their buttocks.  This leads to no transition from the back to the butt and the appearance of a flat butt.  This is despite having a good sized butt.

Body Sculpting of the Waist and Back.
The critical part of the Brazilian Butt Lift is aggressive liposuction of the waist and back.   The surgeon will shape a round top to the buttocks as well as a sharp transition from the back to the buttocks.  This gives the ledge effect that really emphasizes the butt in jeans.  This effect is entirely obtained using Smartlipo Liposuction.   Fat taken from the waist and back then can be transferred to the areas of the butt where it will have the most effect.  The overall goal is to make a rounder, plumper ‘bubble butt’ with the transferred fat.  The combination of the waist and back body sculpting with the buttocks fat transfer, gives the desired results of the Brazilian Butt Lift.

Smaller Waist after Liposuction

Brazilian Butt Lift at Beleza MedSpa
Cosmetic Surgeon Dr Lawrence Broder MD has performed hundreds of Brazilian Butt Lift procedures.  He is an expert at performing the procedure totally under local anesthesia.  There is no risk of general anesthesia and patients are back on their feet immediately.  He also performed thousands of Smartlipo Liposuction procedures and can sculpt that skinny waist and back to give you that bigger butt!…

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Weight Loss: Face it, You’re Addicted to Food!

Weight Loss Diet Failures.
The number of weight loss diets, supplements and extreme weight loss shows out there is dizzying.  All of these will work to some degree or other. The problems is that they are all of a temporary nature.  When the weight loss diet is over, we go back to our usual ways, and viola, we have gained all the weight back!  So what is really going on here?
Food Addiction.
Just like anything else that rewards our brain with pleasure, food is also prone to addictive behavior.  Look at the definition of addiction: compulsive engagement in rewarding behavior, despite adverse consequences.  Sound familiar?  Plain and simple, we need food to fuel and support our bodies.  When we allow our eating to be taken over by emotions and reward, the true purpose of eating becomes incredibly distorted.  This is compounded by the food industry which deliberately manipulates the nature of the food we eat to emphasize taste and reward and fuel addiction.

Two other signs of addiction include tolerance and withdrawal.  Do you find yourself needing ever increasing amounts of food to feel satisfied?  Or does it have to be even sweeter or saltier?  That is tolerance.   When you deprive yourself of your favorite foods or limit the amount, do you experience strong cravings?  This is withdrawal.  As you can see, food addiction is real and probably is the most common and damaging addiction out there.

Breaking the Food Addiction Cycle.
The first part of dealing with any addiction is becoming aware of it and understanding you have this problem.  The other big part is to be 100% motivated to rid yourself of it.  If you have come to these conclusions on your own, then breaking your food addiction is very much possible.

Think about other addictions.   Recovery and treatment usually first requires going cold turkey.  You must stop the rewarding behavior and deal with the withdrawal.  This is much more complex with food addiction as we must eat to live!  The good thing is that we don’t have to stop eating foods, only the foods that propel food addiction.
Sugar, Flour and Insulin Resistance.
The most rewarding food substances to our brains are simple carbohydrates like sugar and flour.  Simple carbohydrates light up reward centers in our brain.  They also induce the release of insulin.  Insulin clears sugar from our blood and stores it as fat.  Insulin also stimulates our appetites.  So when our diet is high in sugar and flour our insulin levels are constantly increased.  This leads to fat formation as well the appetite to feed those fat cells.  You actually become a fat factory!  So you are addicted to these substances that…

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Is Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Right For You?

Hormones work as little chemical messengers inside of the body and stimulate the functioning of some of the body’s main glands such as the thyroid gland, the adrenal glands, the pancreas, pituitary gland and other tissues and organs. When a hormone imbalance occurs, the body’s system can be thrown off and result in numerous side effects and symptoms that might have a negative effect on a person’s weight, sex drive, mental health and energy levels. If your energy levels, mood and sexual functioning seem to be suffering, you may want to consider bioidentical hormone therapy as a solution for a body out of balance.
Bioidentical hormone therapy treats the body’s declining hormone levels and lack of well-being and instead of using synthetic medications, bioidentical hormone therapy uses additional hormones that are identical to those already found within the body. Since drug companies are unable to patent bioidentical hormones they have to rely on artificial replacements instead and these replacement hormones tend to come with unpleasant side effects and an eventual decreased potency when used over time.

Bioidentical hormone therapy works by replacing hormones within the body that are required for proper functioning and this replacement can make a huge difference in how the patient feels on a daily basis. Using the smallest amount replacement necessary for symptom improvement and overall well-being, this hormone therapy is monitored by your doctor to make sure that the desired effects are taking place and that the hormone replacement amounts are sufficient.

During the actual hormone replacement therapy process, the patient begins by offering a saliva sample so that the current hormone levels within the body can be tested. Salivary testing is simple and effective and causes no pain and provides a good insight into how the hormones are behaving. Hormones that are measured from saliva samples are the same that the salivary glands and other major tissues within the body use regularly and offer a representation of basal hormone production.

Replacement hormones used in bioidentical hormone therapy are extracted from natural plant sources instead of being manufactured. Pharmacists compound hormones which then become available for hormone replacement therapy.


Bioidentical hormone therapy is usually an ongoing treatment process to ensure that the hormones within the body are at the levels they need to be to keep the organs and tissues functioning as they should. Most patients can expect to continue hormone therapy as part of a life-long process toward better well-being, health and as an effective anti-aging effort for life.

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CoolSculpting Cost

How Does CoolSculpting Work?
Coolsculpting is an office-based, non surgical procedure.  In a one hour procedure, fatty areas can be safely and comfortably treated. The Coolsculpting applicator is applied to the fatty area and the fat is gradually cooled down to freezing.  This is done without damage to the surrounding tissues.  Over the next several months, the fat cells die and fat deposits can shrink up to 25%. Coolsculpting is the ideal procedure to treat weight loss and exercise resistant fat deposits.  Common areas include the belly, love handles, thighs and arms.
The really great thing about Coolsculpting is that the fat cells are eliminated from your body!  Traditional weight loss causes fat cells to shrink but they are still there, waiting to get big again!  Coolsculpting causes these fat cells to die and they will never come back as long as you maintain your weight.   The only other procedure to do this is liposuction, but unlike Coolsculpting, anesthesia and recovery are necessary.   Coolsculpting can be repeated for even greater results and more than 1 million Coolsculpting procedures have been performed!

So How Much Does CoolSculpting Cost?
The price of CoolSculpting is based on the number and size of applicators used.  Obviously, different body areas require different sized applicators.  The basic Coolsculpting applicators are small and large.  The Coolsculpting Cost is based on the size and number of applicators used.
The cost advantage of Coolsculpting over liposuction, is that anesthesia, compression garments and downtime are avoided.  The convenience of a 1 hour procedure and the lack of downtime, is priceless!

CoolSculpting Cost Austin
Beleza Medspa has been performing CoolSculpting in our offices for more than 2 years.  We have developed a great deal of experience with this procedure.  We have 2 Coolsculpting machines located north and south to provide further convenience for our patients.
We offer highly competitive prices for Coolsculpting.  Besides our regular low CoolSculpting Cost, we offer packages and multi-applicator discounts.  Please contact us for a free consultation for our Coolsculpting Pricing.  Everybody is different and our consultants can construct a personalized treatment plan for you.

SmartLipo Laser Liposuction
Even though CoolSculpting is a fantastic Liposuction Alternative, SmartLipo Liposuction has its advantages too.  Large amounts of fat and loose skin are better tackled by Smartlipo Laser Liposuction.  Plus Smartlipo allows for Body Sculpting and Body Contouring.   The great thing about Beleza Medspa is that we are also experts in Smartlipo Laser Liposuction with more than 2000 patients treated. Unlike many other practices we have the experience and knowledge in both CoolSculpting and Liposuction. During a free consultation we can help you determine which procedure is best for your body type.…

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Gynecomastia Surgery Cost

What does gynecomastia Surgery Cost?
So you have gynecomastia and have decided through your research that you need surgery.  Now the question is, how much is it and how will I pay for it.  Gynecomastia surgery costs run the gamut from a few thousand dollars to over ten thousand dollars.   However, deciding on your gynecomastia surgeon should not just be based on price.  After all, your safety and final results are much more important.
Choosing a gynecomastia surgeon.
This can be a daunting task!  You will be bombarded with credentials, promises of safety and results.  Plastic surgeons will tell you that they are the experts in gynecomastia surgery and that you would be crazy to go elsewhere.  Unfortunately, board certification in plastic surgery guarantees you neither results nor safety.  It does guarantee you high prices.  There are many cosmetic surgeons out there who can perform this procedure better and safer than most plastic surgeons.  Technically, this is not the most complicated procedure.  However, the artistic component to this procedure is far more important,  Unfortunately, artistry and creativity in body sculpting cannot be taught.

This is where the power of the internet comes in.   Your best resources include fellow gynecomastia surgery patients, bodybuilders, etc.  Research the surgeon’s reviews and talk with some of his patients. Look at his pictures. This will be your best bet in choosing you gynecomastia surgeon.
Gynecomastia surgery cost.
There is great variability in gynecomastia surgery prices.  The best way to approach this is to understand what is required for this procedure.  Ideally, gynecomastia surgery should be performed under local anesthesia.  It is far safer and your recovery is much quicker.  Even if you are scared of being awake, you should be much more scared of dying during general anesthesia.  Plus by eliminating general anesthesia you reduce the cost by more than a third.  Save money and save your life!  After the anesthesia costs you will see facility and surgeon fees.  Look for a surgeon who owns his own facility.  This allows him to control costs and be able to negotiate.  Obviously, his fees are also, within reason, negotiable.
Gynecomastia surgery at Beleza Medspa with Lawrence Broder MD
Dr Broder has performed hundreds of gynecomastia surgery procedures all under local anesthesia.  He is an expert at the subcutaneous mastectomy (gland removal) as well as body sculpting with Smartlipo Liposuction.  He has the artistic eye to reduce puffy nipples and large areolas as well as flatten fatty chests.  He receives many referrals from the bodybuilding community. Beleza Medspa has a AAAHC accredited office based surgical suite for your safety and comfort.  During your free consultation, you will quoted one fee that includes your preop, procedure,…

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The Time Machine Procedure For Younger Skin

As the skin ages it shows signs of exposure and a loss of collagen as the appearance of loose skin, sun damage spots, wrinkles and sagging begin to appear. Though these skin issues are common occurrences and have been for people since the beginning, modern medicine has paved the path for those who don’t want to show their age on their face more than they want to and who are looking to improve the appearance of wrinkles and spots while achieving a healthier, more youthful look. Though there are many methods available that claim to promote a more vibrant appearance, not all these solutions are created equal and many of them don’t work at all, especially in the long run.

The Time Machine Procedure is a new rejuvenation process that provides a complete and thorough skin improvement by aiding sagging eyelids, under eye areas, pores, sagging, discoloration and pore size together. This procedure is properly named due to the dramatic improvements that most patients experience which lead them to feel as though they’ve traveled back in time to their more youthful days when their face was free from hyper pigmentation, wrinkles and collagen loss.
 Those who are interested in seeing what the Time Machine Procedure can do toward improving their own looks should start by scheduling an initial consultation with their doctor to discuss their trouble areas and what kind of results can reasonably be expected. Some patients may require little more than some attention around their eyes where fine lines are beginning to settle in while others may be hoping for more of an entire overhaul addressing lines around the eyes, mouth, forehead and nose while also taking care of pigmentation problems and areas of sagging.
The Time Machine Procedure has actually been used since 2005 as a non-surgical method for facial rejuvenation. The results are long-lasting when applied effectively and the look is very natural, especially compared with other methods that often result in a face that looks like it’s had some “work” done.

The Time Machine Procedure uses radiofrequency technology along with a micro needling process and platelet rich plasma to help stimulate the collagen production deep beneath the skin’s surface. The stimulated collagen prompts the body to repair itself where treated to encourage a rejuvenation of the skin’s surface overall.

Any typical side effects to the procedure are mild since no general anesthesia is required and most treatments take little more than an hour. The patient may experience mild redness and swelling for a couple of days post-treatment, but not much beyond that.


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