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What Is Vaser Liposuction?

What’s vaser lipo, and how is it different from traditional forms of liposuction? Learn more below.

How It Works

Vaser liposuction can be generally used in all areas of the body, including hard to lipo areas like the chest and back area. Here’s how it works:

Tumescent fluids are used as an anesthetic, following which a vaser is used to produce ultrasonic sound waves. This new addition to the liposuction formula loosens fat cells with the high ultrasonic frequency. It makes the job of removing fat less tedious and speedier than ever – without compromising cells.

More specifically, tiny bubbles show up around fat cell that have been receptive of tumescent fluids. This is otherwise known as the emulsification of fat, as the solid fat cells will melt into liquid form, making the removal of fat much easier for the surgeon. To remove, a small cannula vacuum is used.

Recovery is relatively short, with clients expecting a week or two to get back into normal routines. It is considered to be a pain-free technique and is great for mommy makeovers, professional muscle builders, or just about anyone caring to shed inches of fat in stubborn areas.

Surgeons can furthermore contour the area to achieve a tight and toned look – in addition to the removal of fat.

More on Vaser Liposuction

The procedure was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration or FDA in 2001.
The term Vaser is short for Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance.
Professional muscle builders often turn to vaser liposuction as the go-to choice for sculpting inches from specific muscle groups.
Vaser liposuction is otherwise known as liposelection, or high definition liposuction
Vaser liposuction candidates stem from all walks of life due its statistically proven rates of safety.

Top Benefits of Vaser Liposuction Include:

Vaser liposuction features minimal damage to surrounding tissues
There’s a significantly lower risk of damaging nerves and blood vessels
More fat can be removed compared to traditional liposuction
It’s one of the least invasive ways to melt fat
Get even smoother results compared to other lipo methods
Vaser lipo provides better sculpting angles for muscle groups
Quick recovery times to return to normal activities


Vaser liposuction ultimately provides dramatic and more precise results – with the least amount of effort. When you feel better about the way you look, your confidence usually heightens – opening many doors in business and life.


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What’s The Smartlipo Procedure?

Smartlipo is simply a smarter way to fat removal through popular liposuction techniques.

How It Works

Smartlipo essentially uses laser devices to assist with liposuction. It is otherwise known as laser lipo, or laser assisted lipolysis. Rather than aggressively suctioning fat from dedicated areas, the laser releases thermal energy to melt the fat, which is then gently suctioned.

Due to fat coagulation triggered by thermal energy, the skin tightens, and specialists are able to contour the area at the same time.

During Smartlipo, patients will remain awake, however tumescent solutions are used to numb the area, and relatively no pain is experienced. After the technique, there’s no recovery time required, so you can go back to everyday activities – with a better body and shape.

Smartlipo can be used in a number of areas including the abdomen, thighs, chin, arms, back, knees and more.

Some added facts regarding Smartlipo include that it’s been approved by the FDA, making it one of the safest cosmetic procedures today. This is furthermore backed by eight years of rigorous clinical studies.

Benefits of Smartlipo:

Permanent Fat Removal – the results lasts, which means no need to complete repeat sessions. It’s the patient’s duty however to maintain an ideal weight.
Sculpt The Body’s Shape – not only are patients losing fat, the body can be sculpted too.
Skin Tightening – all too often patients lose weight, only to be left with sagging skin. How would handling two cosmetic issues at the same time sound? Smartlipo allows specialists to remove fat, mold the area, and tighten skin – all at the same time.
Multi-Spot Treatment – unlike other types of lipo that require different sessions to complete, many patients are able to lose fat in several sections – simultaneously, and without harm.
No Recovery Time – get back to a new normal, meaning the best shape of your life – within a matter of hours.
Non-Invasive and Pain Free – there are no incisions, and instead micro-punctures are used to get into the area to suction excess fat.
Cost-Friendly – if you’ve ever wanted to transform your look but have been unable to do so due to the expenses involved, Smartlipo presents the above benefits, and many others, at a low and accessible cost to you.

Ready to get in shape? Smartlipo enjoys a high success rate among patients, so what are you waiting for? Get the body you’ve yearned for in no time.…

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The Top Advantages of Microdermabrasion

If you’ve ever wanted to deep cleanse the skin, microdermabrasion would be the top runner for the job. It goes deep down the surface of the skin, in the pores, to remove gunk, blackheads, whiteheads, as well as slough off dead skin cells.
How Microdermabrasion Works
A powerful and gentle crystal wand will make its way around the area, softly sloughing dead skin cells. In addition to exfoliation, microdermabrasion also polishes the surface to reveal smooth-looking skin. A perfect analogy to this treatment would be sanding pieces of wood to reveal a smooth outer surface – only this technique doesn’t hurt.

Microdermabrasion isn’t only effective, it can be repeated every two weeks if needed, to promote flawless looking skin – something we all crave.

Microdermabrasion is further useful for a range of clients including those who suffer from mild to moderate acne, individuals who have acne or age spots and others. Microdermabrasion has moreover been used extensively to treat scars, birthmarks, moles and other skin issues. It ca be applied all over the body, not just on the face alone.

All skin types can use microdermabrasion safely and effectively.
Care After Microdermabrasion
After microdermabrasion, some key tips will apply:

Stay clear of the sun, to protect new skin.
Apply a sunblock, just to be safe.
Wear a moisturizer, to help promote supple skin.

Top Advantages of Microdermabrasion

Promotes New Cell Growth – by removing dead skin cells, and stimulating collagen, new, fresh and younger looking skin is revealed.
Clear Pores – free your pores once and for all with a deep exfoliating cleanse, that you can feel after a microdermabrasion.
Stop Breakouts – many acne sufferers harness control of breakouts with regular microdermabrasion treatments.
Quick Procedure – the skin-clearing routine is affectionately called the “lunch-time treatment” for good reason. Clients can schedule in advance and get it done in under an hour.
Painless – this quick pick-me-upper has one added bonus, which is pain-free skin rejuvenation.

Also included in its list of advantages is that microdermabrasion features low pricing. Many cosmetic techniques cost hundreds of dollars, however microdermabrasion provides exceptional results for far less – and for a range of skin issues including rosacea, scarring, wrinkles, acne and others discussed above.

Mondays bring a refreshing change in pricing with Microdermabrasion Mondays, now for only $60 at the Beleza MedSpa.…

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Reducing Fat In 1 Hour With Zeltiq Coolsculpting

Zeltiq Coolsculpting is a new and innovative way to:

Shrink fat.
Cut the fat in as little as one hour.
Use non-invasive and relatively painless methods to accomplish this.

What’s so cool about Zeltiq Coolsculpting? Here are some benefits:

No Heat – pure, gentle cooling methods are used to sculpt out fat without any damage to the fat tissues.
No Cuts – means that there’s no downtime to get back to everyday activities, despite seeing dramatic results in as little as four to eight weeks. No cuts also mean no scars.
No Anesthesia Used – and no pain is experienced during the procedure, given that no incisions are made. Learn more about how it works below.

Zeltiq Coolsculpting is furthermore approved by the Federal and Drug Administration, or FDA in targeted areas of the body.
Here’s How Zeltiq Coolsculpting Works:
The technology draws on the natural makeup of how our inner metabolic processes work. By applying cooling methods to dedicated areas of the body, a promotion of fat burning is set into motion.

Fat cells are eradicated through the procedure over time.

One fun fact is that the procedure was born from Harvard Scientists’ observation of children eating popsicles. The reaction of the skin would be so the product was born.

For pinchable areas of fat, a device consisting of two large cooling sheets is applied to the targeted fatty layer.

Patients will feel a cooling sensation, but nothing painful. Many patients carry on conversations, read, or even catch a quick snooze during Zeltiq Coolsculpting. It’s that painless.

Once treatment is complete, regular activities can be resumed right away.

Repeat treatments can be used to get more fat reduction serially.

Popular areas to conduct Zeltiq Coolsculpting include the midcore or abdomen, as we all know this is where stubborn fat exists. Flanks, which are otherwise called love handles is also a common target area for the new and effective technique. Women can also achieve slender looking thighs easily – and without breaking a sweat.
Top Candidates for Zeltiq Coolsculpting
The fat burning treatment is ideal for individuals who have prominent fat layers that are stubborn and make feeling confident a chore.

Other advantages include:

Fit into clothes comfortably and confidently.
Watch how relationships in work and personal life soar.
Feel like you again after kids, mid-age, or after gaining a few pounds for instance.

Zeltiq Coolsculpting ultimately keeps you cool under the pressure to shed fat fast.…

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Facts About Butt Lift Procedures

Butt lifts can boost confidence, help clothes fit more easily, and help women feel even more attractive. Here are a few facts about butt lift procedures:
What to Expect
The butt lift is pain-free – given that local anesthesia is used. Oral sedation may also be given, and the patient remains awake.

Some key points include:

Butt lifts can be conducted with your own fat, meaning no implants and no rejection. Sculpt fat away pain-free from other areas, like the midsection, and re-inject it into the butt – for a much-needed lift. This is otherwise known as the Brazilian butt lift.
Candidates will undergo detailed screenings to determine where fat will be harvested from. The most common areas include the hip, thighs, or midsection, as discussed earlier. However, anywhere is fair game, if you’re unhappy with excess fat in one area for instance.
Fat is filtered and then placed in the butt through layers, which a physician will understand. The butt is sculpted until the anticipated shape by patients is set.
More fat than desired is typically injected, due to the chances of reabsorption in the body.
A follow-up session is typically recommended to get the best results possible. Learn more by contacting a lead physician.
The average price for a Brazilian butt lift is under $3000, and in some cases financing is offered.
Patients can get back to normal activities in as little as a few days.

Contributing Factors When Signing Up for Butt Lifts
Throughout different stages, women may become uncomfortable with the size and shape of their buttocks due to age, weight loss, pregnancy, or simply being born and teased about a flat bum.

The good news is that you can get help.

Perkiness – a perky rear-end is considered to be youthful and attractive. Butt lifts make sagging a thing of the past.
Curves – stars like J. Lo, Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian have set on a craze that curviness should be embraced. Many people are taking notice.
Au-Natural – remember that Brazilian butt lifts use your own fatty tissues from unwanted areas, then transfers it to the butt. If you’ve always been displeased with the weight distribution of your body, now’s the time to make a change – it’s possible with the safe and effective transfers done in cosmetic surgery.

The results are drastic and requires little effort on your part. See how you stack up against other patients. Scheduling and undergoing a Brazilian butt lift is as easy as 1-2-3.…

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Gynecomastia Surgery

Gynecomastia surgery is sometimes necessary in males that have experienced abnormal breast development and growth. It is necessary to know the difference between normal growing stages that sometimes cause temporary growth and abnormal growths that develop from other causes.
Cause of Gynecomastia
Gynecomastia can be caused by many different factors. Medication side effects, normal newborn and teenage temporary development, metabolic disorders, decrease of testosterone levels and many other factors may play into abnormal breast growth in males. Typically, a newborn and teenage male will temporarily develop a small breast growth. In newborns, the growth goes away after two months of age, but in teenagers, the growth can take up to two years to disappear. The hormonal changes that newborns and teenagers go through are the causes of these temporary breast development stages.

Procedure for True Gynecomastia Reduction
There are some forms of gynecomastia that can be treated with simple liposuction, but true gynecomastia needs to be treated by actually making an incision and physically removing the tissue growth. However common breast reduction surgery is, it is imperative that the patient finds a surgeon who has training and experience with male reduction services.

Possibility of Regrowth
Unfortunately, it is near impossible for any physician to guarantee that regrowth will not occur. Sometimes, it is possible to be prescribed hormones in order to increase the body’s testosterone levels, but even hormones will not guarantee that the regrowth will not occur. If a physician guarantees that it will not be an issue again, you may want to seek a second opinion.

Finding the Right Surgeon for You
Many males who undergo breast reduction/augmentation surgery want the surgery to be as discreet as possible. It is illegal to give out patient information, but sometimes the clinics are less than subtle about what procedures are generally performed. Many time, an experienced clinic will have a “side entrance” that some patients will prefer. Finding a clinic that is reputable and trustworthy is an important factor in deciding which surgeon to use. If the clinic has reviews that shed a negative light, there is probably a just reason for that. It is always a good idea to research before going in for any procedure.
Gynecomastia can have a very negative effect on a person, but there is no need to feel uncomfortable with discussing the subject. Due to the sudden rise of breast enlargement and reduction procedures, doctors are becoming more and more experienced and knowledgeable in how to best remove the tissues while providing the least invasive and most pain-free procedures possible.
Find out more here: Gynecomastia Surgery…

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4 Simple Tips to Reduce Cellulite

If you are like most women, you cringe at the thought of having to put on a bathing suit. No matter what the shape of your body, most women have some amount of cellulite lingering around their thighs, butts, stomachs, and elsewhere. The dimpled, cottage cheese look is certainly not something that you would like to sport around, but it seems all but impossible to get rid of.

Cellulite occurs when pockets of fat just below the skin push up again porous tissue on our bodies. Because women have much more porous skin than men, it unfortunately occurs more on our bodies. And while there is no “cure” for cellulite, women have fought to reduce it for ages, using expensive cream, herbal remedies, and even special devices. But, for those of us who are looking for real solutions that won’t break the bank or drastically change our lifestyles, I am providing 6 simple tips to get you on a cellulite-reduced path. While I can’t tell you that your cellulite will disappear, I can tell you that you will be healthier, look better, and reduce signs of unwanted cellulite.

Tip #1: Clean Up Your Diet

You know the old saying, “you are what you eat”? Well, in the case of cellulite, there was never a truer statement. Cellulite does not hold back when it comes to body type, which is why women of all shapes and sizes have it. That means that cellulite isn’t necessarily about how much you weigh, but what you eat.
By eating a diet rich in unprocessed foods, antioxidants, fresh fruits, and vegetables, you can begin to decrease the amount of toxins being stored in your body. Because toxins are stored in extra fat, many people see changes in the amount of cellulite they have then they adopt this sort of diet. The key here is to eat fresh, colourful foods that flush the toxins out of your body. Also, avoid eating too much salt and sugar, which are also stored in fat cells and bloat the body, making cellulite look even worse.

Tip #2: Hydrate

Another vital way to flush toxins—and, thus, cellulite—out of your body is by drinking plenty of water. Not only will water flush out toxins, but it improved the look of your skin by keeping it hydrated, fresh, and firm. Drink between 8 and 10 8oz glasses each day. As a bonus, add lemon or cucumber slices to increase the de-toxifying effect!

Tip #3: Exercise

Not only does regular exercise help reduce fat, which causes cellulite, but it helps you further detoxify your body and improve the overall look of your skin. When you exercise regularly, your body will get…

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Medical Spas

Going to a medical spa can be a relaxing and enjoyable experience as well as a way to get some actual medical procedures and treatments. Med spas are considered a combination of a medical clinic and a day spa, but the procedures and treatments that can be administered are less than what an actual medical clinic is capable of.
Services Performed at Med Spas
There are many services performed at med spas. From basic spa treatments like massages and exfoliations to Botox and microdermabrasion, med spas have it all. Some other treatments include facials, waxing, massages, concierge medicine, men’s health, physicals, laser hair removal and much more depending on which type of spa that you are visiting and where the spa is located. The treatments and procedures available at a med spa vary by location because there are different laws and regulations that each state and/or country has to abide by. If you are unsure of the procedures allowed in your area, contact your local health authority department.
Training Required for Physicians and Practitioners
As stated before, the type of training and certifications required vary by area. One common factor is that everyone who administers a treatment or procedure is supposed to be trained, qualified and certified for that treatment. If you are ever doubtful of a staff member’s qualifications, all you have to do is ask to see the person’s certifications. If he/she is unable or unwilling to provide you with proof, you have the right to call the local health department to find out what your next step should be.
Choosing a Med Spa that is Right for You
The best way to choose the med spa that is right for you is by researching what you want and/or need. Using a search engine on the internet can be helpful in finding reviews, but reviews are not always trustworthy sources when dealing with anything health related. Sometimes you can get references from your primary physician, but even family and friends are great resources for finding a trustworthy clinic. What you decide to do is completely up to you, but it is highly recommended that you research the clinic before scheduling an appointment.

Med spas are meant to be used for minor procedures and pampering. Most med spas are not licensed nor do they have staff qualified for doing invasive procedures. When in doubt about a clinic, call the local health department. If you feel as if you have been lied to or mistreated, make sure that you follow local protocols in reporting the clinic. Always ensure that you are well-informed when dealing with anything health-related.…

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A Guide to Gynecomastia Surgery Prices

When a man’s breasts become enlarged or over-developed, the most beneficial course of action is often to have a plastic surgeon perform gynecomastia, a surgical reduction of the male breast. Almost three out of four men under the age of 60 are affected with this problem to some degree, which can lead to embarrassment as well as depression and lack of confidence. There are some important things to know about gynecomastia surgery prices before a patient agrees to undergo this type of plastic surgery solution for male breasts.
What’s Included in the Cost
According to statistics released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average cost of gynecomastia surgery averages almost $3200 for a unilateral operation, and about double that for a bilateral operation which reduces the size of both breasts. When being quoted a fee for gynecomastia surgery, it’s important for the patient to inquire if anesthesia fees, medical tests, surgeon’s fees, hospital or surgical facility costs, medication prescriptions and post-surgical garments worn during the healing process are included in the quoted price.
Influencing Factors
Gynecomastia surgery prices can be influenced by a number of things. One of this is the skill or experience of the surgeon in doing this type of procedure. The type of gynecomastia surgery procedure used and its complexity will influence the cost for gynecomastia surgery as will the geographic area of the country where the surgery takes place. It’s important that the patient ensure that they choose a board-certified plastic surgeon to guarantee the best results when undergoing a gynecomastia procedure.
Health Insurance
Many patients are likely to wonder if their current health insurance coverage will cover the cost of gynecomastia surgery. In most cases, male breast reduction surgery is not among the medical or surgical procedures covered by health insurance policies since it is viewed as an elective procedure. But it’s always a good idea to talk first with an insurance provider to determine if your policy covers any portion of the gynecomastia surgery fees. If gyncomastia becomes necessary due to disfigurement that requires reconstruction of the breast area, this situation may be covered by health insurance, but varies on a case to case basis.
Weighing the Costs
Just like any other cosmetic surgery procedure, it’s a good idea to get prices from more than one reputable plastic surgeon for comparison. Although the money paid by the patient may run into the thousands of dollars, most gynecomastia patients report that their surgery made a world of difference in helping them feel more comfortable and confident. They considered gynecomastia surgery prices an excellent investment in both their physical health as well as their mental peace of mind.

Find out more here: Gynecomastia…

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Is Microneedling Right for You?

Microneedling is an alternate treatment to lasers, IPLs or chemical peels. See below about how it works and more details:
How It Works
Over 200 minute needles are placed strategically on a roller-like handle. It may sound rather painful or even comparable to acupuncture, but it isn’t.

A numbing agent is placed on the facial area, then tiny punctures are inserted in the skin. When enough openings are seen in the deep layers of the skin, treatments used for anti-aging are applied, giving the entire surface an instant-and-effective boost.
Why It Works
In order to rejuvenate skin when there’s deep scarring like wrinkles and fine lines, dermatologists will need to go deep into the layers of the skin – where growth begins. This is why most topical treatments work minimally, and are better for the prevention of skin issues than the actual treatments thereof.
Top Benefits of Microneedling Include:

No Downtime – patients can get back to normal activities after treatment.
No Incisions – all the facial area is left undamaged, unlike facial lifts or surgeries.
No Major Side Effects – compared to heating from lasers for instance.
Dermal Remodeling – treat some of the toughest skin issues, including aging and scars.
Very Effective – due to microneedlles letting treatments be injected deep below the surface.
Pain-Free – one of the top reasons why patients choose this method over others is that it’s virtually pain-free compared to heat induced, or acidic methods.

What Does Microneedling Roller Therapy Treat?

Lighten Skin – get even, flawless skin tone with topical agents. Melasma is the scientific term used for skin lightening.
Anti-Aging – get rid of wrinkles, frown lines, fine lines, under eye sagging, brown spots and other symptoms of aging.
Wound Healing – individuals who have damaged skin due to burns, cuts, or bruises can rejuvenate skin with the help of Microneedling.
Collagen Boost – as we age, collagen production is reduced. Microneedling directly stimulates collagen production.
Stretchmarks – from pregnancy or weight loss can be hard to treat, but Microneedling addresses these skin issues too.

After the treatment, there may be some redness and irritation. These will subside on their own, and the results will show more clearly around two weeks post-treatment.

This article addresses microneedlle therapy to treat the facial area. Nevertheless, the method can be used to treat skin issues all over the body, and it can be combined with other cosmetic procedures for optimal results. This includes the Vampire facelift, which withdraws the patient’s blood plasma, to produce Platelet Rich Plasma, which gives an instant boost – similar to those provided by Botox.…

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